5 Ways to Get Organized With Pegboard

Pegboard is an affordable, versatile and a sadly often disregarded tool for organizing any room or space in your home. But because it is easy to use and adapts for any kind of storage need there are almost unlimited uses for pegboard when it comes to making your life a little more orderly and a little less stressful.

Here are 5 examples for making great use of pegboard.

1. In the Workshop
Pegboard in the workshop is a classic match made in heaven. It can be used above a work table or to line an entire wall. Add pegboard wall hooks in whatever sizes and configurations you need to hold your hammers, screwdrivers, handsaws, rolled up extension cords and pliers so that you can spot them as soon as you need them. In addition to hooks, pegboard accessories include hanging bins and shelves that let you store nuts and bolts, small hand tools, product manuals and woodworking magazines, lubricants, or whatever you need to store and organize.

2. Maximize Space in the Garage
Pegboard is perfect for those items like garden shears or leaf rakes that seem to get lost in all the clutter that typically overwhelms a garage. Pegboard hooks let you organize your tools by type so it's easy to find what you need without wasting time or getting frustrated. If your tools have a way of disappearing on you, try painting or drawing an outline around each one as a friendly reminder to please return it when finished. Bins mounted on pegboard can hold everything from insect repellent to cans of tennis balls.

3. Playroom Pegboard Ideas
Pegboard is a good way to keep a playroom neat and tidy. Individual toys can be hung directly on the pegboard with hooks and bins can organize all the little stuff from game pieces, crayons and markers, miniature cars and trucks or doll accessories. Be sure to choose plastic pegboard hooks for a room that is used by children to avoid injury from a sharp metal hook. Eliminate whining at clean-up time by making a game out of organizing: Use a picture or word for each item stored on the pegboard right where it goes.

4. Pegboard in the Kitchen & Julia Child
The use of pegboard is the kitchen was raised to the height of efficiency, good taste, organization and aplomb by the late great Julia Child. In Julia's kitchen, two separate wall areas are covered with pegboard: One to hold her infinite assortment of saute pans and another over a butcher block cutting table to hold other kitchen utensils. Look around her celebrated kitchen on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute at

5. Pegboard in Closets and Cabinets
Pegboard can help make better use of your closet and cupboard space as well. Use it on the inside walls or the back of a door to hold all kinds of items that would other wise eat up precious floor or shelf space. More versatile and flexible than hooks screwed directly into the wall, the beauty of pegboard is that it can be adapted to your storage needs as they develop and change.

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