Why Are Window Air Conditioners So Loud?

The vast majority of Americans own some type of air conditioning unit. The most favored one is the window air conditioner. These are well-liked because they are relatively affordable, detachable throughout the winter season, and do a respectable job keeping one room or little home cool. Customers additionally like window air conditioners because they do not require any unpleasant or costly installation.

A couple of people can install window air conditioning unit in less than an hour. While portable air conditioners have come to be popular recently, window air conditioners still outsell them by quite a sizeable margin. This is mainly because these are inexpensive yet powerful devices.

The other great thing about window air conditioners is the low price. You can pick up a window unit for less than $150. Hands down, they are the cheapest air conditioners on the market. Larger units will cost a few hundred bucks.

In spite of all these positive characteristics of window AC unit, it is necessary to remember that window systems can be fairly loud. The quantity of sound depends upon how many BTUs or window air conditioning unit has. Some people who are sensitive to high decibel noises do not like these kinds of air conditioning unit.

Among the most intelligent things that the customer can do is to examine the decibel level on a window air conditioning system just before they make their purchase. As a general rule of thumb, the volume escalates tenfold for every single 10 dB increase. The majority of window air conditioners are rated in the 50-to 80 dB range.

You might be thinking about exactly what makes these devices so loud. After all, a jackhammer rates 95 dB. The fundamental issue with the window air conditioner design is that the loudest elements (the fan and the compressor) are housed in the same package, which sits on your window ledge. That is why window devices are so much noisier than split air conditioners. Split air conditioners place the compressor away from your house, so all that you hear is the fan device. If your window air conditioning system comes with a relatively low decibel rating, there might be another reason for loud noises coming from it.

Here is exactly what I did to minimize the noise in my brand-new window unit.

Check the screws keeping the sides of the unit together. Loosened screws can trigger shaking and can raise the sound that your window device makes. The second reason window air conditioners are frequently so loud is that they shake against the windowsill. You can repair this by putting some pieces of wood in between the AC system and the windowsill. This will keep the unit from shaking back and forth. Lastly, if you hear the sound coming from the glass in the window itself, it is probably caused by the window unit rattling against the frame of the windowpane. You can repair this by putting some insulation between the unit and the frame.

Jane Damad is the lead writer for The Air Conditioner Guide blog. For more tips about air conditioners, be sure to check out these guides: 18000 BTU AC and 8000 BTU Air Conditioners.

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