Air Conditioning Window Units Are Great For Cooling Your Room

Air conditioning window units have been used in residential homes for many years and are very popular. They are designed to fit in a window of a room and hence do not take up a lot of space, and can fit in just about any room. They function as any other air conditioner does, they are very affordable, do not make a lot of noise and are also long lasting. Air conditioning window units contain two coils, a hot coil and a chilled coil which is fitted to two fans. Air is blown over the coils by the fans; the coil then pulls the heat and humidity from the room and releases it outside. As result the room is made to feel clear, cool and humidity free.

The ability of air conditioning window units to cool a room can be judged by its British Thermal Units (BTU). The BTU of the window unit that you require will however depend on the size of the room that the unit will be placed in. The bigger the room, the greater the number of BTU the room will require. As a result, a normal sized AC with a small BTU, will not be able to cool a large room. In addition, buying a really large window unit with a high BTU for a small room will also not be effective or efficient. This will result in the room being too cold even in the lowest or warmest setting of the air conditioning window unit.

The energy efficiency ratio is another feature of air conditioning window units which is crucial to its operation. This number gives an indication of how efficiently the air conditioner will convert electricity into cool air. As a result, the higher the EER, the more efficiently the window unit will use the electricity and the lower will be you energy bill. However, the higher the EER of the air conditioner window unit, the more expensive it will be. As a result you will need to choose wisely, if you plan on using the a/c unit everyday then it will work out cheaper in the long run to choose a high EER, however if your usage of the a/c unit will be seasonal, a low EER will be just fine.

The affordability of air conditioning window units makes them advantageous over other types of A/C units. They are both cheap to buy and operate. Also they are simple to maintain, almost at no cost to you. Most air conditioning window units contain a filter which is made of fabric with holes that can easily be removed from the unit and cleaned. While those without a filter can be cleaned externally with a cloth, others may have a disposable foam filter. Air conditioning window units are especially great for the bedroom, study or any averaged sized room. They have a manageable weight, making them rather versatile. As a result they can be affixed into the window when needed and then removed when not in use or when you so desire. Also, due to the small and compact size of air conditioning window units, they are also easy to pack away when they are not being used.

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