Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Preserve the Useful Life of Your Unit

Air conditioning maintenance guidelines are essential to the useful life of your air conditioning unit. Similar to most machinery if you neglect basic maintenance, they won't serve you for very long; an air conditioning unit is very much like any other machine, but it can be extremely durable if properly maintained. Air conditioning maintenance is very easy to do, however, it may take a pretty long time, but consider this, your time will be well invested. This is because with proper air conditioning maintenance you will be well prepared with a cool home and a fantastic functioning unit when the next heat wave hits your town.

Let's look at some simple but very important guidelines in maintaining your air conditioning unit. The key thing to remember in carrying out effective air conditioning maintenance is twofold, maintaining the air conditioning filters and flushing the drainage system.

Before you start your air conditioning maintenance project, you should get your materials together like your vacuum, soap, chlorine bleach, a bucket of water, screwdriver to remove cover and a piece of wire or bottlebrush for cleaning the drainage tube.

Let's begin with some simple air conditioning maintenance tips on your unit's filters. To properly maintain your filters, you should begin by unplugging the air conditioner and removing the front cover. If you have never done this before, you should note that the filter is usually attached to the back, or the font cover, or the filter may be fastened in front of the coils. When you see the filter carefully remove it and wash it in soap and warm water. If you realize that your filter is worn and torn or damaged, replace it immediately, because a damaged filter will eventual damage the entire unit. In addition to this, don't reinstall the filter until you have squeezed out most of the water.

Your next step to your air conditioning maintenance project is to wipe the cover itself and the grill which guards the evaporator coils. Then you should gently vacuum the grill and evaporator coils. Ensure you that treat the aluminum fins with care, mainly because they are easily bent.

If your air conditioning maintenance is poor, you will encounter problems with its cooling capabilities and it may even cost you more in your electricity bills, as they will operate on a low efficiency rating. To clean and flush your drainage system, you should remove the drain tube from the unit and begin to clear any blockages or debris in the drain tube by running your wire or your bottlebrush through the tube. When you've completed that simple task, you may need to clean the tube itself by putting into your drainage tube a cup of chlorine bleach and water. This will clean your air conditioning system making it run efficiently and maintain its cooling capacity.

Finally in your air conditioning maintenance project, you should try to turn off the system whenever it's not in use and you should try to ensure that the seams all around the air conditioner are well seals. This is because when seams are well sealed, the system will be better able to keep hot air outside.

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