10 Reasons to Use Electric Fireplaces at Home

A burning fireplace helps get rid of the cold of winter. However with global warming concerns, it's better to now use the energy efficient electric fireplace at home.

Electric fireplaces work on a fan forced heater that helps spread warmth throughout the room. The heater has large metal coils that heats up when the fireplace is turned on. As the fan is quiet, you have a realistic looking fireplace that effectively heats a large room.

Wall mounts are best for the family room, study and even bathroom whilst the home theatre models can even hold television and electronic components.

The most popular design is the electric mantel style that you just have to plug in to enjoy its various benefits:

1. A single click of a button is enough to switch on the electric fireplace to heat the room. Some models also have an additional switch that gives an additional glow to your room, like a real fire.

2. Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces are environment friendly as they don't give out any carbon emissions. They run on electricity, wherein the fireplace does not emit any smoke that may pollute the environment and your lungs.

3. As electric fireplaces don't rely on wood or coal for fuel, they don't use the irreplaceable natural resources.

4. Consequently, electric fireplaces help save you money as you needn't spend money to buy fuel like firewood or coal to burn like traditional fireplaces.

5. Compared to wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are convenient to use. You just have to install it after which you needn't worry much about it.

6. Maintenance wise, you only have to wipe the electric fireplace's screen every now and then, like your television screen. This is unlike traditional fireplaces which you have to clean periodically, and thus spend money on cleaning supplies.

7. There is no prior preparation required to use your electric fireplace. You just have to switch on a switch to enjoy its warmth, without collecting any logs for burning. You just worry about paying your electricity bill.

8. Electric fireplaces are best for those whose houses have no chimneys as you needn't worry about the proper ventilation of the fireplace. Remember that there is no smoke to be let out through chimneys.

9. The greatest benefit of electric fireplaces is that as there is no fire here, it is safer than actual fireplaces. There is no worry of the fire getting out of control or of children hurting themselves at the fire. You also needn't worry about any furniture you place near the fireplace catching fire or soot from the fireplace.

10. Besides all these advantages, people like electric fireplaces because they are movable. This means that they can be easily moved and installed as per the room's interiors, wherever you want.

These electric fireplaces give your home a nice and warm atmosphere. It is also available in various styles and sizes, to add to the interior decoration of your home.

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