All About High Efficient, Energy & Water Conserving Washing Machines

A cloth washer or washing machine is a machine which used for doing certain processes such as washing and drying clothing such towels and sheets. The basic principle on which the washer works is that the cloths need to rub and flex. This breaks the solids apart helping the detergent or soap to enter into the granules of the cloth. Initially this was done by rubbing the cloth against the rock and later on a corrugated board was discovered.

The early washing machines used to clean the cloths at a low speed single cylinder powered by gasoline engines. These were hand operated but since last decade, washers have become outstandingly efficient and improved. The high efficiency washers have been in the market for its water and energy saving capabilities. These types of washers make use of 20 to 65 percent less water as compare to the agitator type. Unlike agitator, high efficiency washers use a tumbling system.

If you are planning for purchasing washing machines, there are few points which should be considered. Depending upon the type of loading they are classified as Top and Front Load Washer.

Top Load Washers - these types of machines have been leading the market since years for its excellent performance. These are the most common types available in most of the houses and the most favored choice of the people.

This is best for everyone who is short of the time and could not find much time to spend with their washing device. This takes much lesser time and washes the clothes quickly. It takes much lesser time as compare to the front load washer.

There are few disadvantages that associated with it such that they require a lot of water which is one of the important entities in several areas. These machines are quite exciting and efficient but they are a bit harsh on your cloths.

Most of the top loaders make use of central agitator for the constant movement of the cloths which may result into wear and tear.

Front Load Washers - are the most popular and widely used washers in previous days for commercial purpose. Now days, the size of the washers has been shrunk to great extent making it more affordable and to look good. This makes it to be used for household purposes.

There are many advantages that are associated with this type of washers out of which water conservation is the prime one as compare to the top load washer. This saves up to 60 percent of water as compare to its top load counterpart. Another advantage is that it uses 68 percent less energy consequently saving a great amount of money on electricity bills as top load type do.

These machines clean the cloths by employing the tumbling action in up and down direction which is very much similar to hand washing.

Front loading machine require the person to bend for loading and unloading.The water level in the washer can be improved to a desired level with the help of support boxes. During operations, most of the front machines lock for restricting overflow of the water.

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