Severe Yeast Infections - How To Respond

A lot of women face the issue of a yeast infection at some point and it is not something that anyone finds easy. The symptoms of itching, a rash, pain, swelling are all things a woman wants to get rid of as soon as she can. Therefore this article was written with the purpose of looking at what a yeast infection is and how to deal with a severe yeast infection.

Though more common in women it is not just a female infection limited to the vagina. It is the result of the overgrowth of a fungus that lives on all of us, men and women. When contained in numbers by the healthy bacteria we also have it does not do any damage, but if that control is stopped and the Candida Albicans can overgrow it leads to a yeast infection or Candidiasis.

Acting quickly is really the key to effectively treating a yeast infection. If you get treatment as soon as you notice the symptoms it can take as little as one or two weeks to clear it up. However if you ignore the symptoms they will just worsen and the infection becomes more severe and harder to treat. Severe cases really need a doctor to look at them, and this is also true if you are diabetic or if you have an illness that affects your immune system.

There are two main ways to treat a yeast infection, naturally or medicated. Medicated means over the counter products you can buy from a pharmacy or stronger drugs from a doctor. Sometimes over the counter methods become ineffective if the infection keeps returning and you keep using the same one. Again if an infection keeps recurring you should talk to your doctor.

Natural remedies are becoming quite popular amongst yeast sufferers. But which ever method you use to treat the infection you also need to get to the root cause. You may need to change the clothing you wear by choosing looser items and underwear made from cotton. Diet may need a change putting in more vegetables and taking out the sugar. Getting rest, exercise and staying generally healthy helps keep your immune system strong too.

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