A Look At Weight Gain Linked To Menopause

Menopause symptoms aren't just about mood swings and hot flashes. No matter whether you're in perimenopause or full menopause, you can expect to put on a few pounds. Studies reveal that many women will put on an additional pound each year throughout menopause.

Most experts are of the opinion that the the fluctuating hormone levels that accompany menopause lead to noticeable weight gain. There are other factors as well that cause weight gain in the mature woman. Your lifestyle is a key player when it comes to the changes happening in your body. Many women are getting less exercise and eating more during this stage of life. Furthermore, the makeup of your body changes as it builds up more fat and starts to lose muscle, the consequence of a slower metabolism. Your genes also have some influence on whether you'll gain weight during menopause.

Extreme weight gain can result in a range of medical conditions that might exacerbate the symptoms of menopause. In addition, research has shown that women who gain more than 20 pounds after menopause are 20 percent more vulnerable to breast cancer. But women who lose weight throughout this time have a higher likelihood of avoiding the disease. Through dropping 20 pounds, you can lower your risk for breast cancer by 23 percent.

In order to refrain from gaining weight and maintain good health throughout menopause, a wholesome diet and regular exercise are highly advisable. When you exercise regularly, your metabolism stays high and you burn off more fat throughout the day. As well, muscle mass can be increased through strength training, which further boosts your metabolism and also builds up your bones.

Everyone knows that a healthy diet is important. But starting in your 40s, you need to take in 200 fewer calories each day just to maintain your weight where it is. Before entering perimenopause, it's a good idea to adopt a nutritious eating plan in order to avoid gaining weight during full menopause.

We really ought to be accepting of the changes that are bound to take place with our bodies. If you're hoping to hang on to the body you have now for the rest of your life, don't hold your breath. We may hate the fact that our bodies will lose the firmness of youth, no matter what we do. But the best approach is to work at managing those facets of your health that can be improved.

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