Tips For an Effective and Safe Weight Loss

If you're one of the millions of US citizens that are overweight, you might be at your wits end with your pursuit to find an effective weight reduction answer that could work for you. Trying to lose weight is one of the most challenging things that we can take on. We have to balance our need for instant gratification with our desire to accomplish this in a safe way. In the end, the total effect is to become healthier. We all gain nothing if in our desire to shed weight quickly, we discover ourselves making dangerous choices. So how are we able to go about losing weight effectively while still doing so in a healthy and safe way?

The most effective way is to take in lesser calories than you burn on a daily basis. Yes, it's just that easy. If you're taking in enough calories to keep your metabolism going (generally around 2000 per day) but lower than the amount your body will burn with the amount of work that you've your body doing, you'll reduce weight. The important thing is always to determine what the magic number is that keeps your metabolism from getting into emergency mode and slowing down, and how much work output you have your system perform. Of course there's a very easy way to bypass this problem.

You can solve the problem of making sure that you receive sufficient calories to keep your metabolism up while remaining under your burn rate by increasing the burn rate. This simply means that you should increase the amount of work that you ask your system to do. This could be done by undertaking a fitness plan, but if that is not something you can do or are more likely to do at the moment, then you might like to start simply by making small changes in your day-to-day life that help you to get moving more. These adjustments can be as simple as using the stairs rather than the elevator, parking further from the door of the store, parking on the lowest level of an underground garage or the topmost level of a parking structure and walking to the building entry ways, or simply sending documents to a printer in another department or on another floor instead of the one on your desk or right outside your office door. All these are small things that you can try to increase the amount of work output that you ask from your body, and subsequently increase the amount of calories that you shed.

Another way to help is by decreasing the amount of fat that you take in. You can do this by using a technique known as the "fat formula method". Look at the back of everything that you want to eat. Take the number of calories and multiply it by nine. Now divide that number by the total grams of fat and you'll have a decimal number. If the number is below 20 then you are good. If the number is above 20 leave and never look at it again. If you do this with everything that you eat then you know that your total fat consumption will never exceed 20%. Here you will eventual start to lose weight because 20% fat is the body's threshold for fat storage. 20% is what we need to function effectively, anything above that we set aside for later. DO NOT LET YOUR BODY BECOME A FAT WAREHOUSE! Maintain your consumption below 20% and enjoy the resulting weight-loss. Best of luck and have fun with the new, slimmer you.

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