Healthy Weight Loss - Toss the Tiny Plates

Want to lose weight healthfully and keep it off? Then you need to forget one common healthy weight loss myth that pervades all the mainstream weight loss media out there, which tells us we should eat off small plates in order to eat less and therefore lose weight.

Forget this healthy weight loss advice because it's dead wrong!

While it may make sense in theory to reduce what we eat by creating visual cues, in reality all this dieting "rule" does is keep many, many women struggling to find small enough plates to eat their cake off of while they lament not losing weight in the process!

While on the one hand we don't like to think about giving up our unhealthy food vices, the reality is that if all you're eating on an ongoing basis is really unhealthy food -- say, cheeseburgers, steaks, cakes and gooey lasagna -- then yes, do whatever it takes to eat less of them. If it takes an optical illusion for you to eat fewer calories of the bad stuff, so be it! Those foods, even in small amounts, take away from your overall health, often drain your body of much-needed energy and contribute to your current weight challenge.

But if you're actually interested in healthy weight loss that you can enjoy along the way and sustain over the long haul, this little brain teaser of smaller plates is silly. You see, when you eat a salad full of fresh salad greens and veggies, beans and maybe even a little fruit, there's no need to eat small portions. We need to eat as many greens and veggies as we comfortably can to promote healthy weight loss, not just a tiny plateful now and then.

These delicious, healthy foods contain nutrients not found in those burgers, steaks and cakes that our bodies need to thrive and become thin and healthy, and we can eat them to our heart's content without worrying about their impact on our waistlines, much less our health. And when we're able to eat large portions, we're not forced to feel like something is missing from our lives in the same way.

When most of the foods you eat are healthy plant-based foods, they are naturally low in calories, and you can have all you are hungry for. And because they are high in fiber, they tell your body when to stop eating by filling you up, rather than you having to tell your brain when to stop via an empty plate.

The next time you are considering what to eat, figure in a large portion of your favorite green veggies, and fill up on that before having any of the less healthy foods. You'll see a difference in your energy, your health and your waistline without dieting or making any other effort (and the more effort you make to eat healthy foods and be physically active, the more results you'll see, of course). And that's the basis of truly healthy weight loss.

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