What Are the Risks of Obesity

Every year thousands of Americans suffer from obesity. While this is a problem that can be quite embarrassing for a person out in public, the other risks that are associated with it can shorten the life of a person. The problem of obesity is especially bad in children. We all love to go to the local burger place and grab a nice juicy hamburger; this is a habit that is hard to break. We live a quick and hectic lifestyle; this leads us to make choices that are not healthy for our well being.

One of the more serious problems that obesity can lead to is heart disease. Many people never worry about this, then the worse case happens and a person is forced to realize the hard truth. If a person is lucky they are able to make the needed changes to increase their overall health. While these changes are not the most pleasurable to have to deal with, they are better than the reality of a stroke, or heart attack.

Beyond heart disease, there is the risk that a person can experience a problem with high blood pressure. This is more common among men that are in their 40's and early 50's, than in women, and more prevalent in the African-American population. However it can strike anyone at any age. This is the leading cause of stroke and heart attack in the US. The number one cause of high blood pressure leads back to obesity associated with poor lifestyle.

Many of the fast food establishments these days are making it a point that they offer more healthy options to the people that visit their restaurants. These establishments are trying to cash in on the fact that Americans are unhealthy. The truth is that it's these same establishments that led to the problem beginning over a decade ago. The problem can be fixed; it will just take a lot of work from a lot of people in order to get the problem under control.

Obesity in children is a problem that is growing out of control; this as a result will lead to further health issues for this generation down the road. This problem can be addressed and solved with a little prevention in the early years of a child's life. The choices that they make now can have an effect on their life in the future. Parents need to make it a point that they are more involved in their kid's life and help them make healthier choices in the kinds of foods that they learn to eat.

Hospitals are seeing an increase in the number of patients that are suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure as a result of being obese. This is as stated before, all due to poor food choices that are being made. The lifestyle that we are all living in the country will be the death of us if we are not careful.

The problem of obesity is one that can be solved if we are careful in choosing the types of foods that we take into our body. The more that we know about the causes of obesity, the better we can fight the disease and all live a better lifestyle.

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