How Does Ephedrine Cause Weight Loss?

There are various ingredients that are used in making weight loss supplements and pills. However, it seems like nothing is more popular, excellent--and controversial--than ephedrine.

What is ephedrine?

This is quite different from ephedra. Ephedra is derived directly from a shrub. Therefore, it is pure herbal extract. Ephedrine is already an alkaloid. Ephedra is already combined with other substances, natural and synthetic, to produce ephedrine.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the functions of ephedra and ephedrine are completely different. They are highly similar. Ephedrine can also perform the following:

Increase your metabolism.

This is one of the main goals of weight loss supplements. Your metabolic rate will basically determine how much calories or fats you can burn even when you are in a still or dormant state (when you are not basically doing anything). Some people are born with very slow metabolism. Those of age will realize that they will lose a huge percent of their metabolism as they grow older. There are also others who need to burn as much fat as possible to avoid developing health complications.

Simply put, people need to increase metabolic rates in one way or the other. This is where ephedrine can be extremely helpful. Ephedrine has the ability to produce more heat inside the body. It is a way of "waking up" your metabolic rate, so it becomes much faster. Moreover, when you pair ephedrine with other components such as caffeine in ECA stack, you can double the power of the supplement and burn more calories in the process.

It can also increase the blood flow. When you increase your blood flow, you can also produce more heat inside your body and enhance your metabolic rate. This is its cyclic process.

It suppresses hunger.

There are countless reasons why you tend to eat more than your friends or family members. You may be depressed, so a coping mechanism will be to eat. You are easily tempted by food, so you eat. Worse, you are trying to go on a diet by fasting, but when the hunger pangs strike you, you end up eating more than you should.

Ephedrine, however, has a way of suppressing your hunger pangs. It has the ability to "trick your brain" into believing that you are full, or you are not hungry. Since most of the messages come from the brain and the rest of your body will just react, you tend to eat less or not at all.

This then gives your body enough time to get rid of as much unwanted calories as possible. Your body will have the opportunity to reduce fats by not adding more of them to be burned, broken down, or transformed into energy.

It clears air tubes.

Ephedrine is also present in decongestants because it can clear out the passageway of air or can expand your bronchial tubes. You can breathe more properly, and when you can, you may also endure longer when you are doing your exercise routines.

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