How Chelation Works

Here is a mechanical explanation of the chelating process -- and a comparison of intravenous chelation therapy with oral chelation.

There are two places where heavy (toxic) metals exist in the body: One is free floating in fluids, mostly blood, and the other is "stuck" into some tissue -- these are tiny -- about the size of several molecules. So, a tiny molecular amount of metal can be "stuck" in any organ, lung, liver, heart, flesh, etc. You could have many thousands of these "pieces" of metal in your body -- this did not exist a few hundred years ago.

Whether they might be "harmful" to the kidneys on the way out is almost moot since they are very harmful while still inside the body. The "harm" caused by metals is because they act as "multipliers" of free radicals. This is not well understood by most medical doctors since there is no possibility that any drug could remove metals or reduce free radical activity. Vitamins and various natural substances can neutralize free radicals, but drugs mostly just create them, not stop them.

There are both "intravenous chelation therapy" and "oral chelation."

IV chelation uses the artificial amino acid, EDTA, only, to remove metals. EDTA will NOT remove those metals that are "stuck" into tissues, but do a great job in removing metals that are free floating. It does this by "binding" to the metal. When the EDTA and metal are bound together, the body then regards this artificial amino acid as a "foreign body" within the blood stream and processes it out through the kidneys. Indeed, you do have metals passing through the kidneys, but this is not very serious compared to leaving the metals IN the body. Nonetheless IV doctors always look into the health of your kidneys before they do the IV chelation.

When a person has "weak kidneys" an IV doctor might refuse to do the chelation therapy, but this is rare. The danger of the IV chelation to the kidneys is not so much the toxic metals passing through, but the burden of "processing" a fairly large amount, in a short period of time, of an "artificial" substance -- the EDTA.

EDTA is also not very effective in binding to (and thereby removing) mercury. Because many people have silver fillings, which are full of mercury, most people have mercury toxicity. The EDTA works wonders, but Cysteine is actually a better chelator for mercury than EDTA. EDTA has something like a "half life" inside the body -- that is, once EDTA is put in the body there are a few hours during which it is "doing its thing" and being processed out of the body through the kidneys. Within a few minutes a small amount of the EDTA (bound to metals) would be processed through the kidneys. After several hours generally all of the EDTA that had been used would be gone from the body. The dose of EDTA, for IV chelation, is approximately one gram, or 1.5 grams, administered over a three hour period; that amount and speed of delivery is arrived at as the most efficient, and safe, amount for this process. Then, the IV doctor expects you to return for further treatments -- perhaps 20 or 30, at the rate of one per week, or perhaps 3 per week.

Oral Chelation (my formula) uses EDTA also, but since only 5% of oral EDTA is absorbed into the body, only this tiny amount is working in the same way as described above. Since my daily dose of EDTA is 500 mg, the amount of EDTA getting inside the body is very small compared to an IV chelation treatment. Nonetheless, this tiny amount does exactly the same thing for OC as happens with IV.

About 95% of the oral EDTA stays in the stomach and intestines. It passes through on whatever schedule you have for bowl movements. In these areas, however, it has wonderfully useful activity -- first, it does the same action of "binding" to metals that might be included in your food, or whatever has gotten into your stomach. This means that these metals don't have a chance to invade your body -- but get bound to the EDTA and go out with your stool, into the toilet. This EDTA can also attract metals that are inside the body -- attract them through the wall of the intestine, into the stool, and out into the toilet.

EDTA happens; also, to be one of the most effective of free radical scavengers and therefore the EDTA prevents all sorts of free radical damage that could originate in the stomach and intestines, and also invade the body, causing harm.

But, my formula also relies on to "natural" amino acids -- Cysteine and "NAC" (N Acetyl Cysteine) for chelating. These substances "chelate" in much the same manner as does EDTA. However, cysteine (and NAC) has the ability to "un-stick" toxic metals that are stuck into tissues. In this way the Cysteine is a more thorough chelator than EDTA. So, the Cysteine and NAC "grab a hold of" metals, whether free floating or stuck into tissues, and hang on. Cysteine and NAC, bound to metals, are not usable as food, and not usable for building structure, so the body processes them out of the body in the same way that EDTA is processed out -- through the kidneys.

However, Cysteine is a "natural" substance while EDTA is an artificial amino acid. And, there is a much smaller amount of Cysteine doing this, daily, than when EDTA is used intravenously. So, the kidneys DO get exposed to the metals passing through, but the kidneys can process the Cysteine with fewer burdens than they would process EDTA.

Thus, the oral chelation process is much gentler on the kidneys than intravenous chelation therapy. The oral chelation is slower because the process depends on the materials being absorbed through the mouth -- intravenous chelation is always faster. Oral chelation would be more thorough since it removes some toxic metals that IV chelation does not.

Oral chelation is certainly more convenient, and generally less expensive.

An important fact here is that it is NOT safe to use Cysteine by itself. Some dangerous formulas offer Cysteine with a few herbs, and call it "oral chelation." When Cysteine is used by itself it can lead to kidney stones. The absolute prevention of this is simple. You need to take vitamin C in an amount of about 4 or 5 times the amount of Cysteine (and NAC). The vitamin C will prevent the Cysteine from causing kidney stones. But, you can't just take Cysteine and vitamin C, either. A large dose of Vitamin C, with NO B Vitamins will cause the symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamins must be "balanced" and the Life Glow Plus (and Super Life Glow) have the proper balance among all the various ingredients. When you compare oral chelation with the possibility of bypass surgery, it should be a very easy decision.

If there is an urgent need, in a condition of high heart danger, the intravenous approach is faster and therefore better, but if you feel you have, say, 30 days in which to work on it, the oral chelation approach will be less expensive, more gentle on the body, and more thorough.

Most people who have the symptoms of poor blood circulation get dramatic improvement within 30 days. This does NOT mean that the oral chelation is "improving blood circulation." What it means is that the oral chelation is removing metals from the body. This is NOT a drug claim. Doctors don't yet acknowledge that metals in the body are harmful, and they certainly can't claim that any drug will remove them. So, this formula is NOT in danger of being classified as a drug.

The symptoms that show improvement are often as simple as these:

Fingers or toes that were cold or numb get warm

Dizziness that might be cause by lack of blood (and oxygen) to the brain, disappears

Sharp pains in the legs from lack of blood (oxygen) disappears

When you have a couple of 60 years or more, almost always both of the spouses know which one of them has cold feet in bed. It is one of those strange things where both are very aware, but they have accepted it as "natural" and they don't think this is something that can be changed.

Yet, when the spouse with cold feet takes Life Glow Plus, usually within a month or so, BOTH spouses have absolute certainty that the previous cold feet are now warm. This may seem like an insignificant thing, but it can be a very dramatic shift in your outlook for a healthy future, That which was accepted as permanent, without even much worry, is now suddenly seen as a dangerous symptom, but also seen as GONE with use of my oral chelation formula. This is no small miracle.

Karl Loren is a researcher, writer and developer of unique vitamin formulations that remove heavy metals from the body. His products can be found at:

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