How to Avoid Pimples and Acne

In order to avoid pimples and acne, it is advisable to understand the causes of the pimples and acne formation.

Almost everyone often repeatedly suffered from pimples and acne. It appears from time to time even at senior age due to strong endocrine or disorder making pimples and acne relatively troublesome. Many people quest for clear skin and seek for methods how to avoid pimples and acne.

Generally these are the few common reasons to understand for helping us how to avoid pimples and acne:-

Induced by endocrine disorders

This is an important cause of pimples and acne formation. Endocrine disorders can lead to excessive sebum secretion and causing hair follicles block if could not manage to discharge on timely manner. Thus, when it is accumulated to a certain extent will result in the formation of pimples and acne. Sebaceous glands of the skin has male hormone recipient and the recipient of some people are very sensitive.

Therefore slight changes in hormone endocrine will affect the endocrine of sebum. Some women in particular before and after the menstrual cycle, or stay up all night and when stress leads to endocrine disorders hence causing pimples and acne formation.

Poor mental state and psychological pressure

This is another important factor inducing pimples and acne. Long-term adverse mental state such as stress, depression, negative, psychological pressures, psychological imbalances can also cause pimples and acne formation. If you wish to avoid pimples and acne more effectively, you will need to have stable mental state and avoid hectic lifestyle such as over working, insufficient sleep, etc.

Inadequate diet

This is one of the easiest factors causing of pimples and acne formation. Too much food accumulated in the body without a full digestive tract, dyspepsia, poor waste excretion of toxins, as well as for high-sugar beverages, fried seafood, etc. are reasons for having pimples and acne. If you put attention on your diet, you may avoid pimples and acne effectively.

Improper application of cosmetic

Oily skin care products apply only to the maintenance of dry skin. Otherwise, this will cause blocking of hair follicles hence makes it difficult for discharge of skin fat endocrine. For some high SPF products, sunscreen molecules easily penetrates deeply into the skin result in clogging pores after exposed to solar radiation. This will increase the chance of pimples and acne formation. Therefore, all ladies shall pay attention to the selection of cosmetics to avoid pimples and acne.

Some drug induces pimples and acne

Unsuitable contraceptives and antibiotics can disrupt hormonal balance system and excessive sebum overflow, which results in acne formation. In addition, lack of sleep and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, climate can lead to pimples and acne formation.

Too much sun tan

Excessive exposure to sun tan will also produces pimples and acne. This is a common problem in tropical countries.

Let us have more understanding of the following common misconception which may help you how to avoid pimples and acne:-

Misconception 1 : Pimple and acne is common and is not a big concern

Having pimples and acne is normally construed as common, small disease and not a harmful skin disease. There is little concern to avoid pimples and acne. However, pimples and acne do affect the psychology and social life of the patient. Everybody wants to have pleasant appearance when socializing especially in large public events.

Misconception 2 : No more pimples and acne after puberty period

Many people thought pimples and acne formation only happen in adolescent stage and it will subside or disappear after puberty period. However, statistics has shown that 12% of youth will continue to have pimples and acne until adult stage and may suffer until the age of 40.

Misconception 3 : Pimples and acne will continue to surface after treatment

Many people abandoned pimples and acne treatment after spending much effort on taking medicine. It seems like new pimples and acne will surface after curing the old pimples and acne. This has affected the perseverance in their attempt to cure or avoid pimples and acne.
In fact, long term pimples and acne treatment & prevention both are very important in order to cure or avoid pimples and acne. Our skin requires regular maintenance and does not just depend on desperate drug intake to see quick result.

Misconception 4 : Pimples and acne will be non-stop growing and can never be cured due to the natural oily skin

For this reason, many people hopelessly keep on cleansing their face every day presuming that pimples and acne can never be cured. Pessimistically, they blame the oily face and skeptical on any pimples and acne treatment. In fact, having good maintenance, consistent pimples and acne treatment & prevention will largely help to reduce or avoid pimples and acne.

Misconception 5 : Pimples and acne are presumed to be harmless to life and is not an urgent matter, hence there is no need to avoid pimples and acne.

People always excuse themselves with no time for pimples and acne treatment as everyday is busy. They treat it just as natural pimples and acne. They seek for no help as how to avoid pimples and acne. However, pimples and acne treatment takes you little time and it is something you should worth focus on. Pimples and acne will normally leave you with scars and some scars can never be repaired after long time. Avoid pimples and acne means a lot to your social appearance and presentation.

Misconception 6 : Use skin care products to cure or avoid pimples and acne

Some people presume that healthy skin care products will also cure or avoid pimples and acne. Therefore, they buy a lot of skin care products and hoping to kill one bird with two stones. This misconception may make the pimples and acne worsen.

We hope the information above is helpful and advise you to take immediate action against pimples and acne treatment. Start learning how to avoid and cure pimples and acne now and have a pleasant looking appearance. It is never too late to take action to avoid pimples and acne.

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