Hand Eczema: I Want to Hold Your Hand

A problem that is has many people worried about holding hands, or even putting their hands in the open is hand eczema. The symptoms of this skin disorder involve inflammation, cracked skin, red bumps, rips in the skin, and rash that can become infected or begin to flake in patches. This type of problem can be triggered by a variety of things and is unfortunately not something that is curable. However, just because there is no full cure, that doesn't mean there is no hope if you or someone you know, is afflicted with this problem.

People that deal with this problem fall into a couple of categories. Heredity is a major factor, and people can't really help their genetics, but knowing that there is a family history of dealing with this problem can be beneficial in helping relieve the symptoms. People that constantly have their hands wet or are exposed to heat, steam, harsh chemicals or detergents can also develop this problem. Wearing gloves, and having protection for your hands can be a great step forward to avoid further breakouts. Some people make their living with their hands, and have to deal with chemicals on a daily basis, and it's important to always keep the hands protected, if that's the case. Never allow your hands to come in contact with harsh detergents or soaps. It's also important not to wash your hands too much, or over use sanitation products with alcohol in them as they remove important barriers that protect the skin from irritation. While there is many trigger points for eczema, some are more mysterious, and actually can't be identified, and can't be avoided easily.

After you've tried to identify the reasons why hand eczema symptoms are prevailing, it's important to pursue methods that will heal the skin, and relief the irritation. There are several options to explore that have varying degrees of functionality. Before you invest in any treatment, make sure you look at natural remedies. Natural remedies can help you avoid prescription medications or harsh lotions and creams that can make matters worse.

One of the best remedies to look at is flaxseed oil. A small amount on a daily basis can relief the irritation and inflammation of breakouts and can moisturize the skin at the same time. Flaxseed is available in a lot of locations, and is not too costly. Daily use can be beneficial for avoiding future problems.

Blueberry leaf extract has shown to work quite well in helping hand eczema. While this remedy isn't as common as some others, it naturally works as an anti-inflammatory agent, and reduces itching, and swelling without irritation. Many lotions have this extract as a main ingredient, finding them is a matter of simply looking at the ingredients of popular moisturizers.

There are a wealth of options to explore that are natural. Look for natural remedies and healing solutions before you invest in harsher options. There are prescription lotions that doctors prescribe, but often they are coupled with side effects. It's also important to remember not to scratch or itch the skin, no matter how much you'll want to. Itching and scratching will make things worse. Before you hold someone's hand, make sure you take care of your hand eczema, as it can be embarrassing.

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