Be Careful While Selecting and Applying Sunscreen Lotions

Today choices towards sunscreen lotions are huge in quantities. Some brands are offering number of sunscreen lotions, some with few. There are more than 500 sunscreen lotion selling brands existing in market including Indian and International both.

Discussing year 1980 this type of ready-made solution was not known to the public nor did any formula existed for keeping the body (skin) protected from sun heat during direct exposure to sun. This resolution emerged in the market in the year 1945 when for the first time sunscreen lotion was launched.

The "sunscreen lotion" is also known as sun-block or sun-cream which can be in various forms like spray, gel, cream which is purposely applied to the body (any part) for preventing sun burns, reflecting ultraviolet radiations on skin while exposed to direct heat or sun.

Now sunscreen users should know the surprising facts:

1. No Foolproof Certification Towards Skin Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration in year 2007 published news wherein it clarifies "the ingredients used by different brands in sunscreen are responsible for skin cancers and other type of skin diseases". The other agency IARC, working towards prevention and control of cancers reports that "the sunscreen lotions should be the always last choice towards protection against sun and also emphasized that application of lotions to body during direct exposure to heat should be reduced to minimal which otherwise will lead to deadly skin results".

2. Evidences for Increasing Threats of Toxic Skin Cancers

Some studies have discovered that an increased application of sunscreen lotions has lead to development of tumors to its frequent users. Scientists contemplate that as the users stays direct to sun for longer time absorbing most radiations to body leading to formation of chemical reactions on high rates. The poorer quality of sunscreen without UVA protection will occupy tremendously weaker tissues within couple of year's time resulting in severe skin problems and dirty membranes. Public health centers working towards health always advices to use cloths or caps for covering faces instead of using sunscreen lotions.

3. Sun Protection Factor

Food and Drug Administration in year 2007 has also published regulation news for "prohibiting manufacturing companies under labeling sunscreens lotions, gel with SPF (sun protection factor) higher than SPF 50+". Reason being the higher the value the greater is chance for "misleading the consumer reliability" and there is no assurance that signifying that the values, markings available with the cream are tested accurately. Further the high-SPF products may create unnecessary grounds for customer to tempt staying longest duration with sun as because they have applied sunscreen lotion consequences can be against health.

4. Sunscreen Constituent Vitamin A Responsible for Cancer

Another data-fact available from FDA surveys, reports declares that the form of vitamin A (scientific name: retinyl palmitate) when applied on skin in open sunlight leads to the growth of major skin tumors, wounds and other unhealthy skin. Surprisingly, the evidences shows that the ingredient's used in sunscreen are Vitamin A up to 41-45% for all sunscreen manufacturing companies.

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