Why Can Stress Cause Hives and How Can You Clear Them Naturally?

Why can stress cause hives? About 20% of us at some time in our lives will end up with a case of the hives. Hives are red itchy welts that come and go suddenly, that can appear for a million different reasons. The technical name for hives is urticaria.

Sometimes we have no idea what causes hives! Perhaps it is the scented dryer sheets we used on our laundry, or eating shellfish, or using a new skin care product that contains irritating chemicals.

Hives can be brought on by any number of irritants such as medicines, pollen or other allergy producing substances, or even extreme weather temperatures.

Why can stress cause hives? It has to do with how our bodies handle stress. We produce several different hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline when we are stressed out.

If the stress lasts for a long time, or repeats itself over and over again, our bodies can develop a hormonal imbalance that triggers a skin inflammation.

There are many other potential reasons why a personal many develop hives, such as allergies, auto-immune responses, thyroid problems, or in conjunction with other infections, diseases or medical conditions.

If you have more than an occasional or mild case of hives, it is helpful to seek medical attention so you can determine what causes your hives. In some severe cases, hives can cause swelling in the throat which makes it difficult to breathe.

Natural Hives Treatment

If you have a mild case of hives, there are many home remedies for hives that can gently help to ease the discomfort and to help your body to stop the inflammation and itching.

First and foremost, it is important to find a way to regularly reduce stress in your life, by scheduling time to "decompress" in whatever ways work best for you.

Stress management is a very individual thing, as each of us is unique and what might be relaxing or fun for one person may be more stressful for someone else! In general activities that involve meditation, recreation, hobbies or creative pursuits can relieve stress and help us to enjoy ourselves.

When we are relaxing and having fun, our bodies come into more balance and so the hormonal imbalances related to stress can be relieved, even if for just a little while.

Home Remedies for Hives

In many cases natural hives treatment can be effective in relieving your symptoms. Natural treatment for hives is much less likely to cause side effects which some medicines can cause.

One very effective hives home remedy is taking an oatmeal bath. This can sooth the itching and relieve the inflammation of your hives symptoms. You can grind the oatmeal and add to your bath, or place rolled oats in a nylon stocking and add to your bathwater, letting it steep like a tea bag!

You can also add a little cornstarch of baking soda to the bath which are also very soothing to the skin.

If your hives is localized you can instead make a paste of oatmeal and cornstarch, and allow it to dry on your skin. This helps to dry the hives and reduce the itching and inflammation.

Another helpful home remedy for hives is using ice or cold water to cool the itching and help reduce inflammation. This method is affordable and one of the hives remedies that is least likely to cause skin irritation.

There are many additional natural methods that can help you clear your hives symptoms naturally without expensive creams and lotions.

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