How Do Stretch Marks Form?

Everyone hates seeing ugly blemishes on the skin so many people will try to avoid situations wherein they can form blemishes such as scars. One such skin blemish that is very hard to prevent is stretch marks. This is because it results as a natural by-product of the normal anatomic changes that occur in one's body.

Women are more prone to developing stretch marks as they are exposed to more circumstances where skin is stretched past its limit. One such event in a woman's life when this is very evident is during pregnancy. During this time, the skin is stretched really fast and it usually does not have time to increase it size and elasticity to cope up with the increased size of the stomach. This results in the formation of more marks.

During adolescence and puberty, the body is also subjected to rapid increase in size and this can also lead to the formation of these marks. When the skin is not able to stretch far enough, the dermal layer will tear thus signaling the start of the formation of stretch marks.

Although these are the common and natural ways of obtaining stretch marks, there are also ways as to how they can form on the skin. When one eats too much and allows their body to increase rapidly in size due to the increased amounts of fat, it will definitely result in the stretching of the skin which increases the risk of forming these ugly scars.

Going to the gym and lifting heavy weights is also another way as to how these scars form. Lifting very heavy weights can cause your muscles to increase in size very quickly. This is why you should lift weights that are suited for your size then gradually increase them as your body increases in size. This way, there will be more time for your skin to accommodate the increase in size.

Similar to how an increase in size can contribute to stretch mark formation, a rapid decrease in size can also lead to the formation of these scars. This is why you should do everything in moderation. The same way you should limit your weight lifting and eating, dieting should also be done gradually so that the decrease in body size will also be gradual.

All of these mentioned causes are physical changes that can be seen on the outside of the body. But a hormonal changes within the body is also a factor that can contribute to the formation of these marks. As mentioned above, pregnancy and adolescence are times wherein there are hormonal changes in the body, which also results to the formation of these marks. Be sure to anticipate these so that you can try and prevent them from forming by using creams like cocoa butter.

These are the common causes of stretch marks, and now that you know them, you may take action and try to prevent them from forming in the first place. But for scars that have already formed or are just really stubborn and you were unable to prevent, you can still choose different scar removal methods to eliminate these blemishes from your skin.

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