Treating Plastic Surgery Scars With Topical Scar Treatments

Plastic Surgery Scars are not what they once were. Modern plastic surgery scars are much less noticeable and are much smaller. This is because modern advancements in technology and medicine has enabled surgeons to make smaller, more precise incisions which often result in a very minor scar.

However, despite the advancements in medical technology as well as surgical techniques, many patients are still left with visible scars. To some people, these scars may seem inconsequential, but to those who have just underwent elective plastic surgery, these scars are a visible reminder of their surgery. This is why those that have plastic surgery scars often look for ways to diminish their appearance.

Treatment Options

Finding an effective way to diminish and heal a plastic surgery scar depends on the scar itself. This is because some minor plastic surgery scars may develop into much larger, more serious scars such as Keloid scars. Keloids are scars that have the potential to expand in size. While some Keloids may be treated using a topical scar treatment gel, more serious cases may require additional surgery.

However, as previously stated, most plastic surgery scars are small. For these scars, there are essentially two choices: laser treatments or using a topical scar treatment.

Laser treatments help reduce the size of the scar by reducing the amount of scar tissue. Although it should be noted that in order to produce a noticeable difference in appearance, multiple treatments may be required. This in turn is often very expensive.

The other option is to use a topical scar gel/cream which is applied directly to the scar. This kind of treatment softens the scar tissue and allows the scar to heal by working and realigning the collagen fibers. In addition, the topical scar treatment forms a protective barrier over the plastic surgery scar which protects it from additional physical damage such as wind and water damage.

It should also be noted that massaging the scar is very beneficial, especially if the plastic surgery scar is a result of surgery to the breast. Massaging the scar will help break up the scar tissue.

Finding an Effective Scar Treatment Gel

If you have a plastic surgery scar or even a non-plastic surgery scar, and would like to use a scar gel to help heal it, there are a few key things that you need to be aware of. The first and most important aspect of finding an effective scar treatment gel is determining if it contains silicone. This is because silicone has been proven to be an extremely effective ingredient used to help heal scars.

Silicone also helps form a protective barrier over the scar which will help it heal faster.

You will also find that there are both silicone based gels as well as sheeting. The only problem with silicone sheeting is that it is not as flexible as using a gel. For example, when you place the sheeting over the scar, you risk loosing contact with the scar when you move. Using a gel will form a flexible barrier over the scar which will naturally move with your body and therefore will never loose contact with the scar.

In conclusion, using a scar treatment gel is a safe and effective way to diminish the size and appearance of a plastic surgery scar. It is also less expensive and less risky than laser treatments.

Stephen suggests using the topical scar treatment Scarprin to help diminish the size and color of surgery scars including plastic surgery scars.

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