All About Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid is a mild inhibitor of the melanin formation. It is derived from the Japanese common name Koji, a type of fungi in Japan. It is a product of the fermentation of malt rice for sake, the Japanese rice wine. Moreover, it is used to for skin lightening in cosmetics.

Globally, it is known for its effective skin whitening. One good thing to know about this is that it does skin whitening safely. It whitens the skin by hindering the tyrosinase's activity.

In order to preserve the Kojic acid, it must be placed in ampoules, a small sealed vial. It is very sensitive that a special care must be given to it during the formulation process. Just a slight exposure to air and sunlight will totally destroy. This is the reason why it has a limited application.

Generally, the Kojic Acid does not pose any threat to human health. According to SCCP, this acid is not a genotoxic and not a carcinogenic. However, it has minor effects to human health but is limited only to a concentration of 1%. In addition, it does not affect the reproductive system of the human.

During the testing of the Kojic acid on the skin, a side effect was found. It increases the level of the skin's sensitivity which is not a good sign. This is because an increase in the skin's sensitivity leads to allergic contact.

Though it is primarily used in cosmetology, it can be used also in:

* Medically, it is used in antiphlogistic production, cephamycin and anodyne. It is an important component of antibiotics.

* Food Additive- It is used in color preservation of foods like meat. It serves as an antioxidant and antiseptic.

* It is used also to maintain and preserve the color and freshness of the flowers.

* In agricultural aspect, it is a pollution-free ingredient of some pesticides and insecticides.

Although Kojic acid is already used today in various applications, studies and researches are still on-going to expand further the knowledge about this safe and active element.

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