Knowing How Sensitive Your Babies Skin Is

There are chances of you seeing a change in the appearance of the baby's skin after you apply the baby lotion on the body of the baby, right after the bath. There are mothers who get scared by this. The fact is there is nothing to worry and you have found that the baby has sensitive skin. Once you have discovered this fact, refrain from using items which are detrimental to the skin of the baby's body.

There are lots of advertisements going around saying that a clean baby is a baby which smells good. But that is not the truth as lotions and creams can cause harm to the baby's skin. It is important that you use products which are meant for the sensitive skin of the baby as there are many baby products in the market which are meant for different body and skin types.

A baby's skin is very sensitive. Even a person who uses detergent and other highly concentrated soaps can cause damage to the skin of the baby just by holding or using the product on the baby for a few minutes. All cleansers available in the market are mot exactly meant for babies and there are some which are extremely detrimental. There are some parents who see no problems in their baby's skin after using such cleansers. Such parents should consider themselves lucky and stick to the cleanser if there is a need.

Parents are advised to use only water and mild soaps like dove on the body of their kids if their baby has skin related problems. And use lotions wand wipes for the babies which are not scented or perfumed. Perfume is not needed for a bay as most of the bad body odor is wiped away with the help of the wiper. If there are already some skin problems on the body of your baby, then use some hydrocortisone cream on the affected part till the infection is gone.

If the problem with the baby's skin persists even after using mild soaps and creams, then it would be better to consult a doctor as there could be serious problems like eczema. Babes will get such problems if there is a history of such problems in the family.

The diaper area is another place where skin rashes are expected to occur. Most of the parents feel that it is the amount of time spent by the baby in the wet diaper that causes rashes. But that is not the case as there could be rashes due to the material of the diaper or due to the ointments used. Changing the brand of the diaper would help in this regard. Use some ointments like Vaseline and Desitin to keep the skin of the baby moist. If there are still some problems occurring after having made these changes, then it would be better to meet the pediatrician as soon as possible.

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