Your Baby and Diaper Rash

It is very common among babies to have a diaper rash. A diaper rash usually occurs if the baby's hygiene is not well taken care of. If your baby's diaper area is red and irritated and the skin is a bit warm when you touch it, then it is a clear sign that your baby has got a diaper rash. A diaper rash can be of a mild version which has small prickly spots on the affected area, or can either be of an extensive version which has multiple red bumps that spreads across the baby's thighs and stomach. A diaper rash can cause your baby to feel a slight pain especially when you clean or wipe the baby's bottom. But, do not worry and/or panic if your baby has a diaper rash. You can treat it at home very easily without seeing a doctor.

The first and foremost thing, after recognizing that your baby has a diaper rash, for a quick treatment is to make sure that you change your baby's diapers regularly. Because most of the problems start when your baby's soft skin is exposed to wetness for quite a long time, therefore, changing diapers frequently will help reduce your baby's diaper rash and heal it quickly. For best results one should change the baby's diaper as soon as it gets wet.

Another mistake that gives rise to the diaper rash problem is that you might be using diapers that are small and tight. Therefore, to get rid of the diaper rash you must try bigger diapers. This will give your baby's skin some space to breathe and the diaper rash will be healed quickly. Another way of dealing with a diaper rash is to use a soft cloth dipped in warm water while cleaning your baby's bottom. This will do a much better job than the usual baby wipes readily available in the market. Using a soft cloth damped in warm water will give comfort to your baby while cleaning her/him and will allow the diaper rash to heal quickly as compared to using wipes. But make sure that you rinse the soft cloth before and after using it as it will help in soothing the diaper rash quickly.

After you have cleaned your baby's bottom you need to apply a diaper rash ointment on her bottom before putting on a new diaper. After applying the ointment, use a powder on the affected area so that your baby's bottom is dry and smooth. It would be perfect if you let your baby's bottom dry completely in the air and then apply the ointment and powder, before you put on a fresh diaper because the air will react and as a result the rash will heal quickly. If, even after following the above mentioned steps your baby's diaper rash is not healed and hasn't disappeared then you might need to consult a pediatrician as now the diaper rash might've turned into a more serious yeast infection and will need serious medical care.

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