What to Do When Your Baby Gets Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can be caused from many reasons and has many forms. A diaper rash can be mild and last a day or two or more severe and cause your baby itching or pain. Parents tend to feel responsible as they believe that the diaper rash has formed because they didn't take good care of the baby.

However, things are not so simple. A diaper rash is a contact dermatitis and can be formed on any skin that comes in contact with diapers. Adults can form it as well. The baby's skin is more delicate and because it comes in contact with the diaper, it is more prone to form some sort of irritation. This doesn't mean you are not taking care of the baby. However, there are simple ways you can prevent that from happening.

Try to change the diaper often. Wash the baby's skin between changes. Put a cream that contains zinc that forms a barrier to the skin and helps the skin stay healthy. Always make sure the baby's skin is dry as moist can cause many forms of irritation and can also create a friendly environment for germs. You can also change several brands as the baby's skin might be irritated from an aroma or something else the diaper brand uses. If the diaper rash develops, you should wash the area with plain water and a mild soap and apply the zinc cream. Avoid baby wipes to clean the baby as they have lotions and scents that can have the opposite effect.

You can cure a diaper rash by cleaning the area and using some cream and letting the skin breathe every now and then. However, if the diaper rash is severe or if it gets worse, you will need to ask your doctor for treatment. If the rash expands to other areas a form of dermatitis may form so again you will need medical advice. Don't neglect it because it can cause pain and discomfort to your baby.

If the problem is severe and the rash has blisters or causes your baby pain, you should ask your doctor for another treatment. There are many forms of medication you can use, mainly creams that have antibiotics and will make the diaper rash disappear. The problem should be gone after some days. Until then make sure the baby is cared for and stays clean and dry. If you don't take care of the diaper rash it might spread to other parts of the body, so don't neglect it.

The most common age for the baby to form a diaper rash is around 9 months of age. A diaper rash can be formed from an early age or not form at all until later when the baby is older and it is time to stop wearing diapers. Many things play a role in this. The diaper rash can be prevented by changing diapers often, washing the baby and letting the area dry well. You should also make sure your baby wears diapers according to the weight and age. Tight diapers or diapers that are small can cause the skin to form a diaper rash easily.

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