Keep Your Weight Down While Quitting Smoking With 3 Easy Strategies

We all heard the rumor that every model smokes to keep her weight down. It is also said that in order to achieve same result models also consume cocaine. Hopefully you are not using that weight loss strategy.

Cigarette smoke influences your digestion and appetite. A lot of people continue to smoke just because they are afraid of gaining weight if they quit. Don't worry. Keeping your weight down, while quitting smoking, does not require any supernatural powers.

Quitting cigarettes has a huge number of positive effects on your body and mind. If your concerns about gaining weight are keeping you from quitting you can quit right now because you can control your weight using three simple strategies.

Effect of Smoking on Your Digestion

Smoking damages every single cell in your body. Your digestive system gets its share of poison. This way smoking promotes digestion. Smoking does promote metabolism. That's one reason why you might be concerned about gaining weight after quitting smoking.

That doesn't mean that you will necessary gain weight. Quitting smoking cigarettes will make few changes in your life. This particular issue has very simple solution - chew sugar free gum.

Chewing gum has the same effect on your digestion as smoking. It is healthier and it will help you keep that weight down.

Cigarette Smoke and Your Appetite

Cigarette smoke contains huge quantities of various chemicals. None of them are good for you and none of them have magic powers to control your weight. Cigarette smoke is poison and it damages your whole breathing system.

Smoke damages your nose and your mouth. It also damages your digestive system. Smoking cigarettes actually damages your whole body but that's not what we are talking about here. Damage to your nose and mouth caused by cigarette smoke prevents you from feeling taste.

To get the same effect nonsmoker would need to plug their nose and eat. Also, that's why food seems tasteless when you have a flu.

Why Would I Gain Weight If I Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Quitting smoking has many positive effects on you and one of them is that you regain the sense of smell and taste. Even dishes you used to eat every day taste completely different. Taste becomes much more intense.

That's the main risk factor. Chewing gum and being a bit more active solves your concerns about gaining weight due to changed digestion. Regaining the ability to taste did cost me few extra pounds.

After quitting I did gain few pounds because everything tasted so amazing. It is hard to describe but trust me - you are missing a lot! For a month or so it is hard to control yourself. That's ok.

Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight

I must say that I have some impulse control problems. I wouldn't have wasted so many years smoking if I hadn't. Regaining control of your appetite comes naturally. Your body readjusts itself and that includes the taste.

First few weeks after quitting smoking I just couldn't say no to myself. I was eliminating huge quantity of poison from my life- I had the right to treat myself. Even macaroni and cheese tasted better than the best meal I previously had. Enjoy yourself for first few weeks - it is an amazing time.

Quitting cigarettes also gave me a huge boost of energy. I felt like I had to do something. So, I started riding bicycle. You should start some sort of activity. It will help you burn of that extra energy and those few extra calories.

Smoke Free without Withdrawal

Riding bicycle was my choice because I always enjoyed it. You can sign up for a gym or do anything else. Find an activity that you feel pleasure doing. Being active will help you not only prevent weight gain but it will also help you to eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

I never really was a fan of sports. I still am not keen on being active. Riding bicycle and swimming, when I get a chance, are two activities that I enjoy. Even going for a walk will do wonders for how you feel.

This way quitting smoking cigarettes can be a start of a new healthy chapter of your life. On top of improving your body, being active will improve your mood and concentration. This in turn will significantly reduce your stress and anxiety level.

Three Strategies to Prevent Weight Gain

As you can see, keeping your weight down after quitting smoking is not that hard. Just follow these three strategies that helped me and countless others to enjoy smoke free life:

1) Be more active. Quitting smoking will give you a sense that you have huge amount of energy. Use this to start some activity like going for walks, running, riding bicycle. Possibilities are endless. Find an activity that you enjoy.

2) Drink water or unsweetened drinks. Drinking enough of water is very important. It will improve how you feel and it will help you control your appetite. Keep away from sugary drinks and "diet" drinks. Drink water or unsweetened drinks. For example right now as I am writing these words I am drinking unsweetened chamomile & honey tea.

3) Chew gum. Chewing gum promotes digestion and this will help you keep your weight down. If you don't like gum, you can find various roots and vegetables that are great for this purpose.

Quitting Smoking is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make

You see now why quitting smoking does not mean that you will gain weight. Unfortunately belief that smoking helps people stay fin and quitting results in weight gain has kept many people from quitting and even more started smoking due to this reason.

Smoking does reduce your appetite because it damages your ability to feel taste, but that's a silly thing to consider an advantage. Drinking a glass of water helps to control your appetite as efficiently without negative side effects.

The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you will be able to enjoy advantages of smoke free life. Don't put it off. There is no reason for you to continue smoking cigarettes and many reasons to quit.

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