How to Use Hypnosis to End Your Smoking Habit

Most individuals see hypnosis as way of making someone look funny or odd in front of many people. That is absolutely an unfortunate way of viewing hypnotism. Hypnosis is more than that! It's more than a stage show. It's even practiced by so many professional hypnotherapists to help people overcome their fears, conquer problems and reduce stress.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very good way to allow an individual to relax and focus on a desired result. During hypnotherapy, your mind as well as your body moves past your conscious mind's activities. Your subconscious self is somehow considered as a sponge. It waits for your conscious brain to relay edited information and absorb anything it receives from it. Your subconscious does not exactly know what is real and what is not. So, if you feed your subconscious to an imaginary idea, it will believe that certain thought and will absolutely accept that to be real.

If you use hypnotherapy, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and change any addictive behavior. Hypnosis is known to be one of the keys to removing your conscious thoughts into a different level.
Who can be hypnotized?

Hypnotism is not some form of magic. It is not a mystical trance that somebody places on you just by swinging something like a crystal or a watch back and forth. Instead, it is a natural activity of anybody's wonderful brain. Once you access your subconscious mind, you are already using self-hypnosis.

Let us say you are driving somewhere. Most of the time, your brain thinks several different things aside from you driving on the road. When you arrive at your destination, you won't even remember driving yourself consciously. Every time you find yourself like this, you are already utilizing your subconscious.

Should I go use hypnosis to quit smoking?

These days, there are already so many options that smokers can choose from if they really want to quit smoking. Nicotine patches, nicotine gums and other helpful aids are widely available for people who want to stop smoking. On the other hand, hypnotism is a great way to stop your smoking habits. Studies show that hypnosis have greater success rates rather than any other forms of smoking aids like nicotine patch and gum. It's also highly advisable for people to join stop smoking programs aside from hypnosis for faster and better results.

Ways You Can Use Hypnosis in Smoking Cessation

1. Self-Hypnosis
Self-hypnosis includes using techniques that would relax your mind and body just by guiding yourself through images that would make you quit smoking. You can check several hypnosis scripts as your reference or your own thoughts as well.

2. Hypnotherapist
A hypnotherapist is someone who has been typically certified and had undergone specific training to help you relax yourself through specific words and images to quit smoking. They usually offer programs, maybe one session or multiple sessions, to make sure you'll free yourself from smoking.

3. Recorded Program
This alternative is basically a combination of the first two alternatives in this article. You just have to listen or watch a recorded program made by an expert. You can use it anywhere you want and you can as well watch or listen to it repeatedly.

Can Hypnosis Really Help People Quit Smoking?
According to several studies, hypnosis has a high percentage of success rates that is 66%. It may not be applicable to everybody but it can absolutely help people reduce stress levels in themselves, which is one of the major reasons why people smoke in the first place.

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