Cigarettes Are Injurious to Your Wealth

Cigarettes are not only injurious to your health, but also to your wealth. It is a known fact that cigarettes pose major health concerns, but what is really unknown is that cigarettes can disrupt your finances as well. A cigarette pack can cost as much as $10 inclusive of taxes.

Quitting cigarettes has its own advantages. It can improve you health and also save thousand of dollars. Buying cigarettes are not the only source of your receding wealth, and the diseases caused due to smoking can also cause a serious hole in your wallet. Treatments and medications can prove to be very costly.

Quitting cigarettes can be an expensive thing itself. The process of going through the treatment and paying a huge sum can put one off for good. The expense incurred in buying drugs and other thing needed to wean one off from cigarettes can be quite expensive, but it is indeed cheaper than buying the cigarette pack. Although, it is expensive it definitely pays off in the long run. Think about expensive chemotherapy!

In fact there are many options that help one save their money and also keep him from puffing the cigarette. A lot of health insurance policies in America claim to cover the costs of such drugs and treatments. In certain cases, the cost can be as close to nothing. There are many non profit organizations that help one to quit cigarettes. These organizations suggest coping tips to its members, and they also conduct local meet ups where other members are invited to share their experiences. The fee to gain entry into such organization is free or very minimal.

Counseling centers in the state also advice people on ways to quit cigarettes. There are generally helpline numbers set up by local NGOs or the government. One such helpline is 800-QUIT-NOW where people can seek advice from counselors. Non profits also conduct free programs to educate people about the ill effects of smoking and how it can adversely affect one's bank account.

Other alternative to save money when trying to quit cigarettes is to check with your employer. A lot of them conduct free sessions that encourage people to quite nicotine, and also offer free counseling and advice. A lot of organizations also offer nicotine gums and other drugs at discounted rates.

Quitting cigarettes is not a difficult task if proper advice is heeded. It is always important to stay self motivated and encourage oneself to stay off cigarettes than listening to counselors who sometimes offer paid advice. Cigarettes can not mar your health and wealth, but also your beauty.

The smoke can enter the lungs and contaminate one's blood. This can give one sagging and dry skin. It is also known to cause acne. Smoking can give dark under eye circles and spoil the beauty of the face. Smoking is known to considerably affect one's sex life. Smoking can give ugly stained teeth, and it can darken the lips. Taking care off these problems will only add to the expenses. Next time you buy that cigarette pack, think of the damage it can cause to your wallet.

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