Electronic Cigarettes the Healthier Alternative

More and more people are using electronic cigarettes because they are increasingly becoming known as the healthier alternative.

Electronic cigarettes work when the user draws on the atomiser, thus heating the liquid within the cartridge, which then delivers a flavoured vapour containing nicotine; a different flavour or nicotine strength is released, depending on your choice of cartridge.

There are numerous different flavoured cartridges that you can buy, for example, mint or vanilla. Changing the flavours of your electronic cigarette can make for an interesting oral experience and can help you to use the electronic cigarette more than a regular cigarette, if you prefer the flavours more.

Depending on how heavy your nicotine cravings are, you can buy different strength cartridges, no, low, medium and high. Varying the strength of nicotine by using a high strength cartridge then a low strength cartridge over time, will enable you to use less and less nicotine, if you choose to.

You can "smoke" the electronic cigarette in public places like bars or even cinemas and airplanes because it is not like a regular cigarette where the product is lit. The electronic cigarette is convincing enough that people think you are smoking the real thing and you will get the taste and nicotine hit that you crave, just like a real cigarette.

The main differences between the two types of cigarette are that the electronic cigarette does not contain harmful, toxic chemicals like normal cigarettes do and normal cigarettes give off an unpleasant smell, but electronic cigarettes do not have any smell.

No lingering, nasty smell is given off electronic cigarettes. This is great when you "smoke" them because your hair and clothes (areas that are affected by regular cigarette smoke) stay fresh as you intended them to be

Since electronic cigarettes don't contain harmful toxins, they are seen as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. There are thousands of deadly toxins in regular cigarettes, which can cause numerous issues from bad breath and premature aging to lung cancer and heart attacks.

You don't light the end of an electronic cigarette with a flame, the red end lights up automatically when you draw on the brown part (atomiser). A small LED is powered by the battery (the white part) and is triggered when the vapour is drawn up through the atomiser, giving the electronic cigarette a realistic glow, which mimics the burning tobacco that is lit in regular cigarettes.

Because nothing is burning hot on an electronic cigarette, it is easy to transport and use, meaning that you can store it in your handbag or pocket and it is always to hand whenever you require your nicotine hit.

Some retailers sell cases for electronic cigarettes. You may wonder why you need one but it is rather handy because you can carry spare cartridges and a spare battery with you so that you'll always be able to get your nicotine hit wherever you are and no matter if your battery runs out or if your cartridge becomes empty.

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