Effects of Smoking to Our Health
Smoking is dangerous to the health. This is commonly seen in advertisements, in billboards and even in cigarette packs. But how come there are still many people most especially men who love to smoke?
By Joseph Pressley
Giving Up Smoking and the Withdrawal Symptoms
When initially giving up smoking, a lot of people return to their old ways because they gain weight. This symptom is quite common, especially since your appetite is re-established and nicotine cravings can be easily confused for hunger pangs.
By Patricia A. Jones
Afraid To Stop Smoking?
If It is that Easy to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis/NLP why do so Many People Continue to Smoke? In my experience I have found that for most people the answer comes down to one thing...FEAR!
By Declan Stanley
No Butts About It: How to Quit Smoking Easily
Quit Smoking. You've heard it from your doctors, your loved ones, your friend... it is a problem that faces many Americans every year. Millions of Americans look for a solution to it that will allow them to quit smoking...
By Brent McNutt
Teen Smoking Decreases Life Expectancy by Ten Years
It has often been said that people who smoke are simply killing themselves slowly, but if your teen has started smoking, he or she may be facing additional risks to his or her health that the adults don't face. Smoking is a major contributing...
By Norbert Georget
How to Quit Smoking - Without Giving Up Cigarettes
The biggest problem with quitting smoking is that you don't want to give up your cigarettes. What you really want is to have your cake and eat it too. You want to carry on lighting up a cigarette at your usual smoking times every day and you also...
By Ruth Barringham
Electronic Cigarettes the Healthier Alternative
More and more people are using electronic cigarettes because they are increasingly becoming known as the healthier alternative. Electronic cigarettes work when the user draws on the atomiser, thus heating the liquid within the cartridge, which...
By Michael Griffiths
Five Things To Keep In Mind While Trying To Quit Smoking Cold Turkey
Almost every smoker I know at one point or the other wants to quit smoking. Smoking is probably the hardest habit to get rid off in your life. I know because I was a smoker once. It took me many attempts at quitting before I succeeded. I've tried...
By Azhar Ahmad
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