7 Reasons of Infertility Most Women Don't Know

Are you confused, disappointed and even angry at every woman whose belly is growing because you are plain jealous for not being able to conceive naturally and fast like almost everyone you know? Well, I won't blame but feeling bad won't help you either if you really want to get pregnant.

Your situation is not easy, and you probably have every right to be mad with everybody and even the world if that will make you feel better - but would it make you feel better? Let me tell you this, nothing can make you feel better but knowing the reasons of infertility to overcome it.

The reasons why a lot of women like you are confused and angry is because they do not know why they are having trouble getting pregnant fast, when their best friends are all conceiving quite easily. So if I were you instead of getting angry all the time try to seek out the reasons of infertility now to ease and calm your minds.

So to help you jump start your research and finally discovery the reasons of infertility, below are 7 most common causes of your dilemma.

Age - All women probably knows that as they grow older getting pregnant will be more and more difficult until it is nearly impossible to conceive. This is one of the important facts of fertility that you should know if you plan on ever having a kid someday. Therefore plan your life well in advance when it comes to getting pregnant.

Weight - Overweight or underweight can affect your body's ability to conceive fast and healthy, although it does not mean that you will not be able to get pregnant. However, the road to motherhood is not without any hurdle.

Hormonal Changes - If you are in a middle of hormonal changes you can either experience increase or decreases of fertility depending on what is causing your imbalance.

Fibroids - This is a one of the disease that only women suffer from and the one that can cause your life to change forever, since it affects the reproductive system.

Miscarriages - Frequent miscarriages can cause your ovaries to weaken and therefore make it even harder to conceive or bring your pregnancy to full term.

Stress - Stress is something we all experience but if you can avoid or lessen stressful situation, your problem of infertility will go away. Stressful life is another contributing factor as to why you are neglecting your sexual life or no longer enjoying it to the point of not getting pregnant fast.

Unhealthy eating Habit - You may not necessary believe this last one reasons of infertility, but some women can indeed experience low fertility rate if they ate unhealthy food. I know your apprehension has valid reasons since a lot of women living in poverty are conceiving almost every year (if possible) but keep in mind that not every woman has the same health condition.

Given this fact, taking care of your body by eating healthy is important.

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