Are You Expecting a Baby? Here Are Things You Certainly Did Not Expect

The period when you are expecting your baby is probably one of the most beautiful yet anxious times of your life. This is particularly so if this is your first pregnancy and you have no idea of what to expect. The irony is that no matter how much you prepare yourself by asking others or by reading up books or internet articles, there will still be a few things that can astound and perplex you.

The first of the things that you will not expect is how quickly you will put on weight. This, unfortunately, tends to be the rule rather than the exception. Your hormones play a large role in your weight gain, but your habits and lifestyle are responsible as well. It is very common for a woman to be a little self satisfied during this period and to let herself go a little and the results are immediately visible. You might also be harboring popular misconceptions about the need to eat for two people and this will only make you put on unnecessary weight.

Another thing that you would definitely not be expecting is how your body will change. You will have read about these changes but to actually see your body transform can be disconcerting to some. Your breasts will change shape during your pregnancy and your nipples are bound to enlarge. You will notice some discoloration of your skin, particularly those areas exposed to the sun. Even your feet will increase in size. You could really benefit by embracing the inevitable and accepting that there will be some changes in your body. You can certainly ensure that you eat healthy and keep fit so that the changes your body goes through when you are expecting can be kept within control.

You will be quite shocked to realize that your belly will not flatten immediately after you have your baby. As a matter of fact, your belly will remain flabby for quite a while after you have delivered your baby. You will also realize that this protruding belly is difficult to get rid of. Not only will your belly be fat, but you will also have a lot of loose skin on your lower abdomen. This is perfectly natural since your muscles and skin would have been stretched to their maximum extent during your pregnancy. Even women who have kept themselves fit and active during pregnancy cannot avoid this. However, it is possible to get rid of this with the right diet and exercise. You can also minimize this belly fat by sticking to a healthy diet during your pregnancy.

This period when you are expecting your baby is a magical time of your life. Don't let these problems get in the way of you enjoying yourself to the hilt. Just remember that it would be best for you and your baby if you keep yourself healthy and happy and free from all concerns. You will then be able to address all your problems with ease.

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