Getting Your Baby to Burp

Feeding the baby for the first time might just be one of the most exhilarating and joyous things you may do as new parents. You will probably be extremely nervous the first time, but that's only to be expected and absolutely normal. It is because you have never done this before and would not know what to expect. The best way for you and your baby is to segue into the feeding process. First, make the baby as comfortable as possible; as familiar the baby is with your touch, the easier it will be for both of you. Then, you should begin feeding extremely gently and at a slow pace; do not rush it and do not get panicky if you feel the baby is refusing to feed. This is because it is not use to it, but gradually the baby will acclimate to the process.

After the baby finishes feeding, comes the most important step i.e. getting the baby to burp. Burping helps the baby release the air it may have swallowed; the burp may sometimes come in the form of a vomit. If the baby simply burps and there is no vomit, it doesn't mean anything bad. If you lay the baby to sleep before it has burped, then there is the danger of it choking on its own vomit. This is why burping the baby is so important. Besides this, if the baby doesn't burp regularly or frequently, it may cause increased gassing and spitting in the baby.

Burping the baby may sound easy, but it is not. Sometimes it proves to be extremely difficult to get the baby to burp. Following are some techniques that can help you to work out your baby's burp:

First of all get a baby towel and place it on your shoulder before you put the baby's head on it, so that in case of a vomit your shoulder remains clean.

Position the baby such that its stomach is right against your chest. This position will make the burping process easier for you.

Now gently pat the baby's back and/or rub it until you hear its burp, or feel its vomit.

If this doesn't help, then change the baby's position. You lay the baby on your lap, flat on the baby's belly, with a hand under the head supporting it. While, with your other hand, you gently pat the baby's back or rub it in circles. This is a very effective technique as well.

If the above technique fails to achieve a burp as well, then you can try another position still. This technique also involves your lap. Sit the baby on your lap, with one hand supporting the baby from the front i.e. the hand should be across the baby's chest, while your thumb and index finger should be supporting the baby's neck by holding the baby's chin up. With the other hand, pat the baby's back and / or rub circles on it. All the time during this technique, tilt the baby a little towards the floor; this makes it easier for it to burp.

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