The Importance Of Breastfeeding

Nursing Gives Contraceptive Options

This is the time when you are swimming in the water of joy after you are holding the baby in your palm and the last thing you think about during this stage is birth control.

Breast feeding has been used by woman for birth control and problems relating to family planning. If we look at big families, the time gap between two kids is far less. Sometimes it is less than a year. And during the six months, it is imperative that the mother breast feeds her child. The chances of the mother becoming pregnant again is likely only when the child is less dependent on breast food and more on other food supplements.

The effectiveness of breastfeeding for controlling birth control depends quite a lot on the baby and the woman. All those women who use only breastfeeding to feed their babies and those babies, who are satisfied with their mother's milk, find birth control effective up to 98%. For the best possible results, the baby must be using the mother's milk for all its sucking needs and the baby must be nursed by the mother whenever possible. If the baby is having a pacifier in its mouth, then it is most likely that it will stay away from her mother's breast thereby resulting in the ineffectiveness of the birth control. Mothers should breast feed their babies whenever there is a need. Mothers must remember that it is good that there babies sleep a lot but they should also remember it that actually affects the effectiveness of birth control.

Disappearance of ovulation and women having their menstrual cycles without ovulation is also one of the results of breastfeeding. Most of the women look at their first menstrual cycle has a warning of not being protected against pregnancy. The mother during this period should have back up plans in her mind unless and until she is willing to have the second baby.

It is imperative that the parents think about birth control before the highly stressful stage of delivering the baby. There are lots of doctors and nurses who interact with the new mothers about birth control when they leave the hospital, but most of them think that it is just not the right time to do so. If breastfeeding is the only thing you are going to do for birth control, then make sure that it actually works for you. Spend some time with your doctors or your lactation specialist before the big day in your life. It is important that one is completely thorough and informed about birth control as that would help the mother in answering the important questions posed to her by the doctors in the hospital.

A back up plan must be ready and it must be started as soon as the doctor allows, if you do not want to have a second baby. There are several options for birth control that can be used by women like condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms, family planning, spermicides, etc. One can make use of tubal ligation or vasectomy if they are very sure about not having another baby in their life ever.

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