What Your Pregnancy Bring During The Third Trimester

The seventh, eight and ninth months are part of the third trimester of the pregnancy. During this period, there are chances of the woman feeling all those difficulties and problems which she faced during the first trimester. The appetite levels would go up and there are chances of the woman finding it difficult to do her regular work because of the increasing size of the abdomen. The following are some of the things that a woman can expect during this period:

The Seventh Month

This is the time when the woman should start making plans for the birth. The plans should be relating to the place of the birth, the doctor who would be treating her, etc. There are some woman who would feel a bit burdened by the expectations and responsibilities being bestowed upon her shoulders. There would be some worries creeping relating to motherhood, child care, etc. This is the time when the doctor should be regularly visited and the health of the mother is also supervised.

The Eight Month

In the eighth month, the mother is expected to visit the doctor twice to find out whether the progress is as per the expectations or not. There would be lots of different feelings the woman would be going through this period and it is important that the mother keeps a check on them and does not get over excited. There should be people around her for support.

The woman during this period would feel something called the Braxton Hicks contractions. The movement of the baby inside the abdomen can cause some discomfort initially but that could be eased out through some adjustments.

The Ninth Month

This is the most awaited month as it is the last month of the entire journey of pregnancy. This is the time when they are very happy not only because of the excitement of giving birth to the child but also because of the hope of getting back the lost body. There are some people who would be a little worried about the pain of delivery the child. For such women, some counseling would be very handy. They are told all the things about delivery during this period which makes the mother relax and be less worried.

Women feel very excited during this period and they express all their feelings in the most extreme manner possible. All the details relating to the delivery and the operation for the delivery should have been finalized by now. The discharge from the vagina also increases and the flatulence problems also increase. The pains and aches in the different parts of the body also start to increase. The breasts also start to discharge some liquid.

The last month is the most important stage. It is important that the woman is well taken care of by her family members. The husband plays an important role here and must be by his wife's side almost the entire month. The woman must be very sure of her plans by now and must be able to handle any kind of pain in the future. The doctor should be called whenever there is an unexpected moment or emergency. If all the preparations are in place, there is nothing to worry about.

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