Things To Expect During Your Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

The fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy are covered under the second trimester. This period is more relaxing for most women as this is the period when most or all of the troubles and depressions are past. The baby starts to cover some portion of the mother's stomach which actually makes the abdomen of the woman slightly bulgy. The following are some of the things that a woman can expect during these months.

The Fourth Month

The beginning of this period is more relaxing and comfortable for the mother. This period could reduce the feelings of morning sickness to the mother and the mother also does not feel the need to urinate quite as often. There is also an increase in the level of energy for the mother.

There might be some slight physical discomforts during this period but nausea is almost completely gone. The physical assets of the woman-like the breasts-might start to increase in size. There might be cases of constipation and heartburn as well as an increase in the appetite levels.

There are some women who complain of not being able to concentrate on things properly. There are also problems with the clothes as the old clothes are no longer big enough to fit. The movement of the baby in the womb is more pronounced and felt by the mother in the fourth month. There could be a problem if the mother does not feel the movement of her child inside her body and she must meet the doctor immediately to ensure of no problems. There are tools like ultrasounds that can determine the date of the delivery. Women feel comfortable with the doctors as they have had several appointments by now.

The Fifth Month

Fetal movements become more pronounced during the fifth month and also the stomach begins bulging to some extent. This is the time when women also think about the future of the baby and possible names.

There might be some tiredness and body aches during this period. The mother's shoes may become too small to fit and there may be back problems creeping in, too. During this period, it is important that the woman is very particular about her sleeping positions. If the couples indulge in sex during this time, then it is important that they do it without causing any discomfort to the abdomen. If the mother is a bit eager, then she can use an ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby.

The Sixth Month

By this time, movements of the baby inside the abdomen become commonplace. The movements are very noticeable and one can feel them by placing their hands on the outside of the stomach.

There would be aches and pains on the sides and lower parts of the abdomen. The pain is mainly due to the ligament stretching. The breasts would also swell a bit and stretch marks would also become visible to some extent. The entire body along with the face would start to swell and would look larger. There are chances of irritation and pigmentation caused on the skin of the mother and the abdomen would also start bulging even more.

There are also some women who feel a bit nervous and worried about motherhood and the child that the she is about to give birth to in the near future. All of these things are normal.

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