What To Expect During Your First Trimester

The First Month and the Symptoms

If a woman misses her first menstruation, then it is likely that she is pregnant. This symptom would be immediately followed by signs like tiredness, sleeping disorders, regular urge for urination, nausea, dislike for certain foods and soft breasts. There are some emotional problems as well which are mostly considered to be premenstrual problems. If there is a feeling of joy and happiness on a women's face, then it is more likely that she is pregnant as there is no feeling in this world that gives women more pleasure.

The first and important thing that a woman must do after knowing about her pregnancy is that she must schedule an appointment with the doctor. The checkups would include a lot of tests relating to the blood and the urine and there would also be some vitamins prescribed by the doctor.

The Second Month

There are chances of some people not feeling any changes physically even after having become pregnant while other people would have seen huge incidents of physical changes in their body after the pregnancy or after having got conceived. Some of the physical changes would be tiredness, sleeping disorders, regular urge for urination, nausea, heartburn, gas and bowel related problems, headaches, body aches, dizziness, etc. There is morning dizziness that is felt as well at times. There are women who actually love to share the news of their pregnancy with their family and friends so that they get support while there are some women who like to be quieter and keep the matter to themselves.

The size and the physical assets of the woman start to increase day by day during the second month and there are new sets of clothes required during this time. There are few women who love to grow big during this period but there are some who feel very insecure about their growing size. During visits to the doctor during this month, one is expected to go through a blood test, urine test and a weight checkup. Signs of swelling near the feet and hands are also checked. The woman by this time should become very frank with the doctor and share all her problems with the doctor. They should also get their clarifications cleared if they have any.

The Third Month

The pregnant woman by this time would start noticing that the symptoms of the first two months are slowly fading away and that she does not have any feelings of morning sickness or tiredness. The discharge from the vagina also increases and there is a new spurt of increase in the energy levels. This is the time when the pregnant woman should try to know things relating to pregnancy and must also be ready to handle any physical or emotional changes that she is likely to face in the future. One can start reading online material, books and magazines and can also talk to some of her female friends who have gone through these problems.

During prenatal visits for this month, one can check the urine, blood and pressure of the body. The doctor would also try to externally check the status and height of the uterus and also look for swelling in the hands and the feet.

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