The Birth Date of Your Newborn

Getting a baby and having it in your womb is probably the most exciting thing for any woman in this world. The other big thing that really keeps wandering in the mind of the mother is as to when she can expect the baby. This date which is supposedly to be the date of the birth of the child is known as Expected Delivery Date (EDD). This date is just a probable day and most of the babies are born around this date. But it for sure helps both the doctor and the soon to be mother to get themselves prepared for the day. As it helps them to be prepared for any kind of emergency issues that might take place.

Calculation of EDD

One can calculate the EDD in the following ways:

1. The most popular and best way of doing it is by knowing the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman. This is probably the most conservative method of doing it and has been done for many years now. One's EDD usually is forty weeks after the starting of the last menstrual period.

2. One can even make use of an online EDD calculator to know the due date for delivery. This calculator is widely available on the internet and one just has to enter the date of the last menstrual period.

3. Another method used for calculating the EDD is by using the height details of the uterus. This is not very accurate and therefore it is not very popular. This method has proven to be faulty in many cases like intrauterine death of the uterus, multiple pregnancies, ectopic gestation, hydramnois, etc.

4. The average time for the gestation period was found to be 266 days after the conceiving date and it was calculated by Dr. Naegele in 1850. The calculations were based on the statistics relating to menstrual cycles and the ovulation day of each menstrual cycle. There was also a formula given by the doctor for calculating the EDD, which is

EDD = [(LMP + 7 Days) - 3 months] + 1 year

Though, all the practical issues were not taken into consideration while calculating the EDD. As told by the doctor, it is not necessary that every woman ovulates on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. To add on to the obscurity, important details like nutrition, prenatal care, screening factors, the genetics, etc. were not taken into consideration at all. Another important thing relating to this is that all the calculations have been done under the assumptions that the entire delivery process would be smooth and there will be no problems whatsoever. The gestation period of every human is bound to be affected by factors like miscarriage, post mature delivery, premature delivery, etc.

Calculating EDD with the Help of Ultra Sonography

As there have been advancements in technology in the recent years, many new methods for finding out the EDD are also being invented. And one of the most sought after or preferred new method for calculating the EDD is the usage of ultrasonography. This method not only helps in determining the date but also helps us look at the pictures of the baby while it is in the womb. The baby's position, the cords and all the other vital organs can be looked at. This piece of information is not only good for the doctors but it also makes the future parents feel good and excited. Sometimes these things are recorded and given in a cassette or DVD to the parents.

Nowadays, technology has been extensively used in determining the EDD as it is not only easy but also is accurate to some extent, provided all the other things are normal. Many health centers also have made their calculations and records computerized which builds a kind of trust with the patients. To get all these calculations, the doctor must be made aware of the condition of the baby on a regular basis and that is something which could be achieved only if the mother makes constant visits to the doctor's place. The technology of sonography helps in assessing the condition of the baby and also helps the doctor prepare themselves for emergency like situations in the future. Sonography and regular check ups also helps the doctors to determine whether the delivery would be a normal one or would it be a case of cesarean.

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