Ultrasound Baby Images Can Be Misused Very Badly

Ultrasound baby images are a great boon in the hands of experienced medical practitioner since he or she will be able to determine many things about the unborn child on the basis of this. This is a very useful method of finding out the health of the unborn child without resorting to invasive methods. Ultrasound baby images are created by sending high frequency sound waves into the mother's womb by using a device called a transducer and tracking them as they bounce back. The echoes of these sound waves are used to create a video or a photographic image. This method is used to create a very accurate picture of the child and also various other aspects of the pregnancy such as the amniotic sac and the placenta.

It is a very common practice for a pregnant woman to go in for regular ultrasounds in order to track the progress of the pregnancy and the healthy growth of her unborn child. These tests are a very accurate way of screening the child for birth defects and for predicting the weight of the child at the time of birth. This procedure is also used to do sex determination tests that indicate the gender of the unborn child with a fair degree of accuracy. The baby images obtained through an ultrasound test are so clear that the doctor can state the gender of the child with hardly any margin of error. Under normal circumstances this is a very good thing since the happy parents will know what to expect. These tests are popular because they are believed to have no negative side effects on the unborn child. They are also relatively inexpensive to perform.

However, like most inventions of man, this one too can become dangerous when put in the wrong hands. There are many cultures where parents do not welcome a girl child due to various reasons which could be religious or cultural. In many developing countries, the girl child is considered to be a burden because she normally does not contribute economically to the family. It is a very common practice for prospective parents to go in for ultrasound sex determination tests just so that they can terminate the pregnancy if the baby images indicate that it is a girl.

This has become a problem of such gigantic proportions because the gender balance in these countries has become so skewed to the extent that there is a huge shortfall of adult women there. There are actually countries like India and China where it is difficult for men to find spouses in certain provinces or states. This leads to increased crimes against women in addition to all around dissatisfaction. As a result it has become illegal to conduct sex determination tests in some countries. This is a very good example of how people will subvert a wonderful new technology that should be used for the betterment of all. It will take tough legislation combined with changes in people's attitudes to make this problem go away.

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