Breastfeeding Tips That Can Help You and Your Baby

You want what is best for your baby. You feel like there is not enough you can do to provide everything you can to your baby. In fact there is one thing you can do that is ideal and this is breastfeeding. If you can breastfeed the baby, rest assure that you are doing the right thing and that your baby will get everything needed.

Breastfeeding is designed by nature and is the normal thing to do. If you are healthy and you don't have any problems, you can breastfeed the baby for as long as you like. Our society today puts pressure on new moms to use a bottle to feed their children. However, breast milk contains everything your child needs and is good for you, too. So don't hesitate to try even if all of your friends have used a bottle and their children didn't have problems eating.

Breast feeding is easy as long as you take care of some things. First of all, you should ask the doctor to tell you the approximate time of feeding for your baby according to the age. This will help you calculate the meals as you can't really keep track of the amount of food the baby consumes. If you see that the baby is still hungry after this time, you should check the amount of milk that you have. Maybe the flow is slow and you will need some more time to feed the baby. Don't worry about that, it is normal to have minor problems at the beginning. The opposite can also occur. A baby that is full before the average recommended time should stop eating. The stomach is small and the digestive system is not developed and so the baby requires frequent smaller meals.

Babies that breastfeed are calm during the day and sleep better. This is mainly because they come in contact with the mother. Babies need to feel their parents' presence and hug and smell is a way to do that. When you breastfeed the baby, your arms and your smell make the baby calm and secure. This feeling is vital for the baby to develop. It will also keep your baby calm and happy during the whole day and night, which is actually what you need to get some rest.

Breastfeeding has many advantages for you, too. First of all, it strengthens your immune system as well as the baby's. Secondly it allows you to lose weight. Fat is absorbed by the milk and the weight gained during pregnancy is gone. Another thing that is good for you is that you don't have to prepare the meals. The baby eats every three hours at the early stages of life and if you spend time preparing the meals, you have no time left.

So after all that, you should try to breastfeed to make the baby calm, make the immune system strong and bond together. Your baby will show gratitude in many ways.

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