Ectopic Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Ectopic pregnancy refers to the syndrome when pregnancy does not happen inside the uterus as it should, but rather in another female organ. It just initiates itself as a normal pregnancy. The fertilized egg gets implanted exterior to the female uterus. The problem with this kind of a pregnancy is that since the zygote is placed outside the uterus, how it will receive the nutrients for its growth. So, the zygote does not have much scope for its growth and due to lack of proper nutrition it will just die after some time. Moreover, it cannot expand beyond a certain size due to lack of space in the organ. Therefore, it will just destroy the organ that it has inhabited.

Since the organ gets damaged, the expecting mother can face a lot of complications like internal bleeding which can also prove to be lethal. This kind of a pregnancy is also known as tubal pregnancy because it happens generally inside the fallopian tubes. But, the zygote can also get positioned in the ovaries of a female or her abdomen. Medication and surgical intervention are the right ways to cure ectopic pregnancy. If they are not, given on time, then this pregnancy can also lead to the death of the mother.

However, with technological advancement, detection of this pregnancy is not as tough as before. However, this kind of a pregnancy does have some different symptoms, which are paleness, increase in the pulse rate and a fall in the blood pressure.

This kind of a disorder has symptoms similar to a normal pregnancy. Therefore, it is not easy to diagnose it. But, it can cause the female a pain in her pelvic area. The cause of this pregnancy is the lack of capacity on the part of the zygote due to which it moves from the uterus into the fallopian tubes. The reason for such erratic behavior of the zygote is the presence of disease called inflammatory disorder of the pelvis. Another reason is the presence of scar tissue on fallopian tubes, which can also lead to such an abnormal zygote movement. The best way to find about this kind of a pregnancy is to take the expecting mother for an ultrasound.

It can only tell the difference between the size of the womb of a normal and an ectopic pregnancy. The urine pregnancy tests are positive in this kind of a pregnancy, but the HCG hormone levels have not increased like a normal pregnancy. This hormone is, generated by placenta and its levels increase quickly in the first months of pregnancy.

In addition, a female who has suffered from an ectopic pregnancy does not have much chance of conceiving. These chances depend on the damage inflicted by the pregnancy. The body can, be made to soak up the fetus medically if it is, discovered in time. However, in case of late discovery, a surgical removal of the fetus is the only alternative left.

The diagnosis of such a pregnancy is, made through blood or urine tests in the initial stages.

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