Morning Sickness Remedies

Seeing those two blue lines was one of the happiest days of my life...we were expecting a baby! Great news, but then I woke up about a week later and spent most of that day and many days following by the toilet or just laying on the cold bathroom floor. I guess I was one of the lucky women to experience morning sickness. Although morning sickness usually subsides around the 12th week of pregnancy, I was sick the whole 40 weeks and at all hours of the day, not just in the morning. To add insult to injury, with being pregnant there is really nothing that you can take over the counter. In severe cases of morning sickness your doctor can prescribe prescription medication to help with your symptoms. I was determined to stay as far away from any medication while I was pregnant, as I could, so halfway through my first pregnancy I began my search for morning sickness remedies that had nothing to do with medication.

Because your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes, health care providers have found that to be the main culprit for the nausea and vomiting. Many health care providers also think that experiencing morning sickness is a sign that the placenta is developing rather well.

During my second pregnancy, I did more research on the causes and cures of morning sickness and found that the time of day that I took the prenatal vitamin was adding to my nausea. Who knew that the extra iron and nutrients in that horse pill of a vitamin, was making me a lot more nausea when I took it in the morning, rather than at night right before I went to bed.

Here are some tips that I have noticed over my three pregnancies that seemed to help relieve some of my morning sickness symptoms. First, try to eat small meals throughout the day so that your stomach is never totally full or so that you are never too hungry. Avoiding spicy and really rich foods is key too. Even if you aren't feeling hungry, it is important to not skip any meals. Drinking small amounts of liquids, mainly water, throughout the day helped me from becoming dehydrated as well as just made me feel much better. I did have to decrease to amount of juice I had, especially grape juice, which often made me nauseous and even vomit. Bland floods such as crackers, pudding, JELL-O, Ginger Ale, or even pretzels are good at settling your stomach. Keep in mind that morning sickness can alter your taste buds as well as your sense of smell. With me during my pregnancies, I couldn't stand the smell of meat cooking, which never bothered me before becoming pregnant. Needless to say, in my household we didn't eat much meat while I was pregnant!

Overall, listen to your body when looking for morning sickness remedies. Get extra rest if you are feeling tired. Avoid things that make you nauseous or sick. If you are vomiting more than 4 times a day and/or can't keep anything down give your health care provider a call. Most importantly, don't feel silly to ask any questions about the symptoms that you are having, each woman is different and your doctor is a trained professional in this field!

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