Sources of Protein That You Can Count On

Of all of the different things that people tend to do whenever they are at the gym, force-feeding themselves protein seems to be the one that is talked about the most. The unfortunate thing is, many people tend to fall a little bit short of what the body actually needs as far as protein is concerned. I'm not saying that they won't see results whenever they did it in the more traditional way, what I am saying is that some nontraditional methods of getting protein in the body may be more effective and will give you more results.

The most common way that people get protein is to simply eat animal meat. Force-feeding themselves chicken breasts, tuna and steak on a daily basis can really make the protein count add up, but it is not necessarily what the body needs. Nobody grows when you eat this way. The reason why this is the case, is because the human body is unable to assimilate protein directly. In order for it to get the benefits of protein, it needs to break it down on the molecular level and use the enzymes in order to build protein in the body. This is true, regardless of whether you are getting your protein from chicken, tuna or beef.

Another thing that many people try to do is to get the protein in some sort of a powder, such as whey protein. It is important for you to make sure that you have a source of high-quality whey protein, not only to grow muscle but to protect your overall health. If you have never heard of homocysteine, it is an amino acid in the body and if you are not getting the right amount of protein, it can go to the point where it causes serious physical harm. This would include such things as heart attack, stroke and similar problems. The protein that you are taking in the form of a shake, however, needs to go through the same molecular breakdown as animal protein before your body is able to use it.

That is why many people have discovered in recent years that one of the best sources of protein is actually through raw vegetables. As a matter of fact, some vegetables, such as kale and Romaine lettuce have more protein in them than what you would find in a piece of chicken. Not only that, it is easy for the body to break down and these forms of raw foods also contain amino acids and this can assist the body in building muscle directly. Once you understand this basic principle, you will be open to a lot of additional healthy ideas about how to get more protein into your diet.

Although it may be a nontraditional way of going about it, getting plenty of green, leafy vegetables in your diet is an excellent way to build muscle. It is one of the sources of protein that should never be ignored, and it can really help you to see growth whenever you are at the gym.

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