How to Avoid Being a Sugar Fanatic?

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth. Everyone has a secret affinity for candies, chocolates or anything sweet. What if there comes a point in time wherein you are not permitted to eat those sweet, gooey and tangy candies and chocolates? I guess you just have to live with that.

Eliminating sugar and sweets is no easy job. It takes a lot of patience and self control. Statistics show that 65% of the American population is obese while about 27% are officially obese. It has to do with how one treat their diet, a sure fire way to walk the path of healthy living is eliminating sugar from your diet. The job is daunting but we have to take desperate measures for desperate times.

Do not worry, we have here written some easy and fun ways to eliminate that sugar frenzy lover in you. Read on and do not worry, you will be sugar free in no time.

Gulp up all that water. Water is essential not only for cleansing toxins from our body but also it is zero calories. So instead of drowning yourself with sodas, colas, soft drinks and coffee (too much caffeine is bad for you!) drink up on water instead. Water also serves as a natural cleanser for our body and is a great alternative to caffeinated drinks.

You could also try drinking herbal teas; there are a lot of different flavors of tea available in the market. You can choose from chamomile to green tea, whatever soothes your fancy. So drink up and load up your body with water, it keeps you hydrated and most especially it is good for you.

Put away those Carbohydrates. You need to start living healthy so you can make do without the Carbohydrates. Since sugar gives you sugar rush. You do not need to fret, try out High Protein Diets instead of Carbohydrate Loaded ones. Start eating fish and chicken; they are healthier than other meat products. Now if you are a vegetarian, do not worry.

You can use Tofu as an alternative to meat. They are rich in nutrients. Fish, chicken or even Tofu sustains your energy as much as Sugar Rush does but it must be taken in large portions in order for it to work.

Cut down on brown sugar and sugar altogether. It might be tough but try to cut down on sugar gradually and decrease your intake. Remember that it is for your own good.

Remember when your mother used to say that you should eat your vegetables well you should eat them. Focus on a high fiber diet. There are a lot of vegetable varieties like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes and lettuce that will surely satisfy your craving. There are also a lot of ways on which you can prepare those vegetables. The vegetables will keep you full on longer periods of time and also acts for a smoother bowel movement.

Try to eat whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice. They are highly recommended for you.

Remember that you do not need to do this on one blow. Take your time and gradually you will be sugar free in no time. Live healthy and live longer.

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