Making Sure Your Baby Get Nutrients

It is not that difficult. It does not matter whether the baby is breast fed or fed through bottles, it is very important that the baby gets the right amount of nutrients required for the body. All those women who use breast feeding for their baby must eat very healthy food to pass on the nutrients to their child. Breast feeding should be done only when there is a need and not forced upon the baby. Some doctors also suggest breast feeding moms to give vitamin D supplements to their babies. There also other doctors who say that taking the baby outdoors for at least 60 minutes a week will give it the required vitamins. Ensure that you consult the doctor before.

For the first four months, babies get all the nutrients they require through their mother's milk. There is also a supplement that is used in America that gives the baby all the nutrients it requires. After four months, mothers start giving solid foods like cereals to their child, even though all the necessary nutrient requirements are satisfied by the breast milk. Parents give cereal to their child, which is rich in iron as that would prevent any kind of allergies for the baby. After the cereal part is over, some fruits and vegetables are also added to the baby's diet to satisfy all the other nutrient requirements. Whenever new food is added, ensure that it is done in a gradual and slow pace.

Between the sixth and ninth month, the child should be given different foods but the basic nutrient requirement of the child should always be satisfied. Milk should be the prime food for the child.

By the end of the ninth month, non vegetarian items can be introduced in the diet and after one year, parents can even include food that they normally eat but they must ensure that they do not go overboard and give junk food to the child. By now children would enjoy eating the food and would get used to it. Give food to the baby which the baby does not find it difficult to chew. At this stage the nutrients requirement of the child would be satisfied by both the food and the milk.

After the first birthday of the baby, it is advisable to switch over to whole milk from formula milk. The fat in the whole milk is very vital for the health of the baby and it should be continued till the second year is finished. The practice of breast feeding should not be stopped after a particular period. It should be stopped only when the mother thinks that it is no more required for the baby.

Between 12-24 months, milk should become a regular part of the baby's diet and it should receive at least 1000 - 4000 calories a day. As per the directions of the USDA, a kid would require whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy as a regulation in their diet.

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