Know About Gout

A disturbance in chemical balance of the body, in which chronic excess uric acid in the blood leads to the deposition of the needle shaped urate crystals in and around the joints and tendons, where they cause inflammation.

Gout not only causes inflammatory arthritis but also causes teno synovitis, bursitis, or cellulites, tophaceous deposits, urolithiasis and renal disease.

The onset is sudden, unexpected , and excruciating and painful.

It strikes an intense pain in the joint ,most often the big toe, but some times other joints, including knees, elbows, thumbs, or fingers.

Generally pain disappears after medication but usually they recur again.

Gout commonly occurs in middle aged men.

It is usually uncommon in women and very rare in children.

Men who are obese and who have high blood pressure are more prone to the disease.



Improper function of the kidney

Reaction to the alcohol

Reaction to certain drugs

Enzyme deficiencies

Lead poisoning

Disorder is associated with an injury or any surgical procedure

Highly proteinous diet

Idiopathic causes



Toxaemia of pregnancy

May also occur in some forms of tumors and cancers


1. Joint of the big toe is the common and primary site of affection in majority of the patients

2. Other sites of affection are ankle, knee, hand, heel

3. Sudden and intense pain of the affected joint

4. The gouty joint becomes hot, red, swollen and severely painful

5. Acute attack may be accompanied by fever, anorexia, malaise, headache, nausea, or change of the mood

6. There is tendency to have recurrent attacks, but symptoms typically do not last a week

7. There may be secondary degenerative changes in the form of tophi



It is a good remedy in acute and chronic cases of gout

Tearing, shooting, stinging, type of pain

Joint swollen, hot and pale

There is no accompanying fever

Soles painful can hardly step on them

Ball of great toe swollen

Gout begins in lower limb and ascends


Joint red, hot, swollen with stitches and tearing

Every spot is painful on pressure

Weariness and heaviness of the limbs

Swollen sensation in the joints with intense pain

Constant motion of left arm and leg


Useful in persons with uric acid diathesis

Swelling of wrist with gouty deposits

Gouty deposits and nodes are painful

Tearing pain in the great toe

Tearing pain in tendons and joints with stitches

Oedema of lower extremities


Uric acid diathesis causing gout

Whole body is sore

Joint swollen tender and red and painful to touch

Pain in hollow of foot extending to the knee

Ankle painful when walking

Paralytic stiffness all over the body

Nodular swelling of the joints


Inflammation of big toe and heel

Acute pain making patient scream when touched

Tearing, jerking pains especially in finger joints

Metastasis from big toe to the heart

Joint stiff feverish and tender and swollen

Sensation of pins and needles in hands and wrist finger tips numb

Edematous swelling pits on pressure

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