The Best Exercises to Gain Muscle Quickly

Cardio exercises are not actually advised when it comes to muscle building. They only hinder muscle growth because they burn calories. However, you can jog on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike for a few minutes to warm you up. Remember not to do so for more than five minutes. The best exercises to gain muscle quickly are compound and isolation exercises.

Compound exercises involve movement of a number of joints. It is considered the best muscle builder among all kinds of exercises as it strengthens and builds more muscles in different areas of the body.

Military Press

In building shoulder muscles, one of the best exercises is military press. In a sitting position with your lower back firmly pressed on the back seat, place your forearms perpendicular to the bar and slightly wider than how you do on bench press. Don't let your lower back and bottom slide from their original positions while doing the set.

Chin Ups

One of the simplest yet effective compound exercises to gain muscle quickly, chin ups help build muscle in the biceps, forearms, and middle back. Use the underhand grip in pulling your weight and your chin over the bar.

Barbell Bench Press

To target the chest area, you can do some bench press. The right way to do this exercise is to keep your body straight and pressed on the bench. Do not drop the weight on your chest. Instead, lower the weight slowly so it would slightly touch your chest. Then push it up to your head until it is somewhere over your mouth or chin. One way to know if you are doing this exercise right is if you actually feel your chest muscles flex.

Barbell Squats

The proper position is important when you do squats to build your leg muscles. Arch your back and keep your head back when you pick up the weight until you put it back on the rack. Look up to keep your head in position. With your back arched, your chest should be protruding. Place your feet apart and wider than the width of your shoulders. This will help keep your balance when you do the set.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

This exercise is great for your hamstrings. Begin by standing feet flat under the bar with shoulder width. Bend your knees to grasp the bar using either overhand or mixed grip. Make sure your lower back is arched while your chest is raised up and your head is tilted back. Lift the weight without bending your knees and until you assume a standing position. Lower the weight down by bending your hips until the bar is right above your feet. Repeat.

Isolation Exercises

Lying Floor Leg Raise with Crunch

This is a basic exercise that isolates the abs. It starts with you lying down on your back with the legs and arms straight and pointing down. The palm of your hands must be facing the floor. Lift your legs slowly with knees together until it is 90 degrees from the floor. Then lower them slowly without touching the floor. For a more intense leg raise, you can hold a dumbbell with your feet.

Barbell Curls

Barbell curls isolate the biceps. Using an under hand grip raise the barbell to your shoulder and under your chin in a way that the forearms are vertical. Bring it down until arms are straight. Repeat.

Compound exercises help the whole body gain muscle quickly while isolation exercises target specific areas that need special attention. In either way muscle buildup is fast.

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