Ten Tips to Gain Muscle Quickly

The Conan-look of bodybuilder-extraordinaire took years of consistent training and weightlifting. You can't have that kind of body in just a short time. However, you can still have a well-defined body by knowing these ten simple tips to gain muscle quickly.

1. Like in any other endeavor you would want to accomplish, you need determination and a focused mind to build some muscles. Visualize how you want to look. Use your free hand to feel the muscles while you strain them. It helps to know that what you're doing is actually working. These tricks will help you stay on course.

2. Get a workout or training partner. Enlist a friend or anyone with or without experience in bodybuilding but is equally determined to beef up to help you with the process and to keep you motivated. Having someone by your side will provide friendly and fun competition.

3. Another way to keep motivated is to listen to music that keeps the adrenalin flowing while you exercise or lift weights. Slow love song-type music probably won't help. Try some upbeat and quick-tempo hip hop, rock or heavy metal songs.

4. On the average, 8 to 12 reps of every exercise and 6 to 9 sets for each part of the body will promote muscle growth.

5. Start with the basic number of reps and weight then add a little more every following workout. This is referred to as progressive overload. By adding extra pressure or strain on your muscles, makes them work a little harder and grow some more.

6. Cardio exercises won't help the body grow some muscle. You can do some running or biking for 5 minutes to warm you up, otherwise stay away from them. Cardio exercises will only burn the calories you need for muscle growth.

7. Though extra effort is needed to gain muscle quickly, you should know when to stop and rest for a while. After an intense session, you need to relax to regain some of your lost energy. Adequate sleep is also necessary to reenergize the body and allow the muscle to repair themselves.

8. Eating less or skipping meals will not help build muscles. They may work if you want to lose weight but in bodybuilding eating the right kind and amount of food is necessary. Protein-rich foods are essential for muscle tissue repair. In order for muscle to grow, muscle tears must take place. Lots of food helps repair the torn tissues and allow the muscles to grow.

9. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Every time you sweat, your body dries up and you need to replace lost water. Avoid carbonated drinks and other sugar-loaded ones.

10. If time and money keeps you from going to the weight room or buy equipment, don't sweat. There are ways you can gain muscle quickly without leaving the house or spending too much. You can always do crunches and pull-ups anywhere as long as it's safe. Never do these in the middle of a busy street or on the ledge of a building. You can use empty plastic bottles filled with water, sand or stone as weights.

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