Issues That Men May Face: Deal With Them and Save Your Relationships

Men, women look at them for protection, strength, and even stability. But let's keep in mind that they are human too and they have a side we might not be aware exists. But they do have another side to them as well, it is not only the women's prerogative to have the blues, feel a little upset, or even have a crying session. But women have hormonal imbalances or changes that they experience and blame, and this is actually true to an extent. We all go through life not expecting to see men exhibiting signs when going through issues out in the open. When reality is, that men do have issues and problems of their own and we tend to find it hard in dealing with that fact.

Are you among one of many women that is saying that their man has suddenly changed, someone you don't recognize any longer? Well, you are not alone, many women are facing this issue. Actually it is serious and men do actually go through male menopause, irritable male syndrome and depression. And believe it or not all these issues can end up serious enough that they could lose relationships and even lose sanity. It is important to learn more and understand about some of these conditions so you can keep your marriage together and help him deal with the issues at hand.

Let us try and explain to you briefly about some of these issues so you can help men understand and deal with them.

It may sound like a big joke to some, but male menopause is real. And many men suffering male menopause are not laughing. Men, just like women can experience hormone changes that can affect the moods, physical conditions and sexuality as well. The male can actually start to feel emotionally imbalanced, show excessive signs of worry, become more irritable, be indecisive, and be depressed. They may show more physical signs like weight gain, fatigue, sleeping issues, and short term issues with memory loss. A very big threat to men is erectile dysfunction, and those suffering from male menopause can start to show signs of it. They will start to fear the possibility of reduced libido and failing sexually.

Men will sometimes start to seek out younger partners: because they just want to feel that desire in proving themselves. When male menopause, which can have similar puberty issues, goes untreated, it could end up ruining a marriage. It is important for both you and your male partner to address these issues of sexuality, independence, identity and dependence.

Recent studies tend to have had their focus on the sexual issues of the problem. But along with this is also the seriousness of irritable male syndrome that can manifests and show itself in frustration, irritability, anxiety, anger and hypersensitivity. It will start out mild but then escalate into a more serious issue so if you see this starting to occur you need to get help soon and not delay.

Male depression can be very destructive and should not be treated lightly. Women can hide this or let it out by binging on foods, chocolate, ice cream, cry a flood of water, sit around and just mope all through the day. But a guy will just hold it inside until it explodes out of him in alcoholism, anger, drug abuse, using women and many other very bad self destructive acts as well.

With the help of his woman backing him through thick and thin, a man can find help. It is not as easy for men to just reach out and ask for help, and this could be a very difficult time but we can help them out.

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