2 Killer Ab Exercises to Torch Your Core

We all know that the way to show your abs is to lower your body fat percentage, and that killing your core with endless workouts won't result in a killer six pack if you can't see them. But conversely, losing all that body fat without getting your abs into shape won't do you much good either; you have to have something to show, elsewise you'll end up with a flat tummy and little else. Check out these two great ab moves that are a mix of the traditional and the more esoteric, and see if you don't get a delicious burn and rippled core while you're at it.

First off, let's just emphasize one thing: you don't need to overdo your core section. I've heard countless people say that your ab muscles are different from the other muscles in your body, and that you can work them out as often as you like because they're special. In fact, I've heard it said that you should torch them every day, which is nonsense. Ab muscles are like any other muscle group, and respond well to the same basic principles. And since they're integral to all other workouts, you don't need to hit them that hard. You can easily get away with doing abs three times a week and no more than that. Remember: don't overdo it.

In & Out Twist

This classic core technique will devastate your entire midsection. It's kind of like napalming your tummy, and doesn't that sound good? What you do is balance on your tail bone, knees raised to your chest, hands laced behind your head. Then extend your legs before you, never allowing your feet to touch the ground, and lean your upper torso back to counterbalance. Bring your knees back in, but twist your upper body so that your left elbow touches your right knee. Straighten back out, come back in, and touch your right elbow to your left knee. This not only works your entire abdominal frontal wall, but also burns your obliques. Brilliant!

Mason Twist

Let's make things a little more difficult. A variation on the above, you sit on your tailbone once more, and lift your feet off the ground. Then take a weight that you're comfortable with (I suggest you start off with a ten pound weight), and while keeping your feet up, twist from side to side so that you touch the weight on the ground on either side of your hips. Be sure to breath as you do this, and try to get some 50 reps before relaxing back down. The trick is to twist your entire upper body, not just trying to reach around with your arms. This is another fantastic technique because it not only puts an isometric burn on your lower abs with the raised legs, but also helps grow the muscles in your abs and obliques due to the weight resistance. Be sure to up the weight as you get more comfortable, and to go as fast as you can for maximum burn.

If you're looking for the ultimate ab work, check out the Ab Ripper X workout from the PX90 Workout. Only 14 minutes long, it will absolutely destroy you. Be sure to drink your P90X Recovery Drink after every workout to maximize your recovery and lessen your soreness!

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