How to Build Defined Six Pack Abs Muscles?

Most men if given the chance will like to have a flat belly with a set of well defined six pack abs. As a matter of fact, many are hitting the gyms to workout their abs day in and day out to achieve a ripped mid section. The problem is that to most of them, no matter what they do, that elusive 6 pack remains, well, as elusive as ever.

To have a ripped mid section, you have to remove the body fat from that area for the muscles to show up. But men are genetically predisposed to put on fat in the tummy area and also when getting rid of fat, men's belly fat is perhaps the most obstinate fat to burn away.

To make things worse, most people are unaware that abs exercises such as crunches and sit-ups are not enough to build their abdominal muscles effectively. Just pop into any gym and you can see people crunching away on core exercises but yet, most do not see any results. So this must tell you that what they are doing is not effective, isn't it?

Why is this so? The reason is that your muscles like to grow proportionately. So in order to get your abs muscle to show up in its full glory, you must workout every part of the body, not just the core. It may surprise many of you, but some competitive bodybuilders place abs work out in their lowest priority but yet own a set of magnificent six pack.

So if you want to get your abs muscles out, then you must do overall body compound exercises which work out many muscle parts in your body. So you must do your bench press, squats, dead lifts, chin ups and other great muscle builder workouts instead of just concentrating on your core workouts.

Another misconception is that the abs muscle recovers fast and that you can work your abs everyday. That is a load of crap. A muscle tissue is a muscle tissue no matter which part of the body it comes from and so, if you have worked them out, it will take time to recover. So if you workout the same muscle everyday without giving it a chance to recover and grow, then how is that muscle going to get stronger and more visible?

As mentioned earlier, you must have a low body fat ratio in order for your abs muscle to show. I have seen, and am still seeing many men in the gym doing hundreds of crunches and side bends everyday to get rid of their belly fat and love handles. I believe you have too, haven't you? Then why is it that these same people a year later still have the same belly fat and love handles? Obviously it does not work this way, isn't it?

Fats just don't come off your tummy because you are doing a lot of abs workout. There are many things involved for you to shed your body fat effectively. Eating the correct food and the right combination of weight lifting and cardio exercises is the way to get rid of body fat. There are even some techniques for fat burning which can get rather technical such as things you do and eat to adjust your hormonal balances like testosterone, cortisol, insulin and leptin just to name some of the hormones that can help you to lose or gain fat.

So if you want to get your defined six pack abs to be seen, without getting too technical, you must watch what you eat, exercise with weights and cardio in a prescribed program that is suitable and most effective to you.

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