Is There A Cure For Impotency?

Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the inability of a man to gain or maintain an erection to the satisfying conclusion of a sexual act. This may eventually leads to unsatisfactory sexual performances with his spouse so much so that it can be a very detrimental marital issue.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) sufferers are either not able to get any erection at all or get just partial erections that are not sufficient for penetration or completing the sex act to the satisfaction of both himself and his sexual partner.

So what are the treatments that can be sought and is there a cure for this male malaise? Well, let's begin by knowing the mechanics by which an erection occurs. An erection is when blood enters and is then retained in the sponge like smooth muscles (corpus cavernosum) in the penis making a flaccid penis hard. This usually occurs during sexual stimulation or in the morning just before waking up for men with high testosterone levels.

On the psychological level, erectile dysfunction can be caused by stress, fear of failure to perform the sexual act, bad sexual experiences, relationship problems and depression amongst many other factors.

On the physical side, impotency can be caused by cardiovascular or neurological medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances and side effects of certain medications. Other causes of EDs are mental disorders, surgeries, old age, drug or alcohol abuse, obesity and smoking. Sometimes, just by making some lifestyle changes such as quitting drinking or relief of stress is enough to treat and cure erectile dysfunction problems.

The treatment of ED will depend on the resultant causes. Although it can be said that there is no permanent cure for ED, there are many treatments available to enable the patient to have an erection to satisfy a sexual activity. Like I said above, while there is no permanent medical cure per se, it is known that certain lifestyle changes can and do cure certain cases of EDs. For EDs caused by hormonal imbalances, testosterone therapy or supplements are usually given as a standard treatment.

Lack of blood supply to the penis is the most common cause of impotency and various treatments are available that can help to improve blood circulation down under. Some of the more common treatments are :-

Prescription Drugs - These medications are usually consumed orally about an hour prior to a sexual act and remain in the system for several hours to several days. At time of writing this article, the more popular medications are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Vacuum Pump - Also known as the penis pump. This device pumps blood into the penis and helps to sustain it there and thereby causing an erection.

Counseling - This method is used when the cause of the ED is psychological rather than physical.

Natural Herbs - There are also erection pills made from natural herbs that can help sufferers get hard erections. These pills and supplements are generally referred to as herbal Viagra although it has nothing to do with Viagra except to produce erections in men.

Surgery - As with any surgery, this can be considered only if all else fails and as a final option.

If you are suffering from impotency and is looking for treatments and cures, then you can experiment with the above options and see which works best for you.

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